Saturday, August 23, 2008

Does Texas Plan to Charge Itself?

49 more cases were dropped against FLDS families and children.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "The dismissals have cited reasons that include teens turning 18, parents completing court requirements and a family's lack of history of underage marriage or abuse.

Still pending are cases involving another 290 children. One girl has been returned to state custody - a 14-year-old (Merrianne Jessop) apparently married to the sect's leader, Warren S. Jeffs, at age 12."

Merrianne is the sole FLDS child in custody. In that she is "Spiritually Married" to Warren, she wass probably the most sexually secure girl at YFZ. She was astounded to know that it was only her that was being put back into state custody.

The truth is, they are try to get to FLDS leadership by taking and abusing a hostage.

Since Texas still performs to this day, "underage marriages," will they charge themselves?

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1 comment:

Xorphshire said...

In a complicated and embarrassing way, Texas really has charged itself. It's hard to look at this without seeing that it's really the state of Texas going on trial.