Friday, September 26, 2008

Another plan to bankrupt the FLDS

Buried in articles are often the most fascinating bits of information, that are just tossed off and nothing more said;

The Deseret News - "As of Monday, Barbara Jessop had started paying child support, undergone a psychological evaluation and had a social study conducted on her home. However, she has refused to sign a family service plan that outlines the steps she must take to be reunited with her daughter."

Now multiply that by over 400 children. The original plan of attack against the FLDS had their property trust being attacked (it still is) and plundering their wealth in that way. What I ignored, and should not have, was the effect of the child custody cases in terms of Child Support.

Your child is taken from you, it's not just the legal cost of trying to get that child back. You have to PAY for their captivity, much as the families of the crew of the Titanic were in some cases ordered by Whitestar Lines for their dead loved ones lost uniforms.

Were the children still in CPS custody, all FLDS parents would be bled through child support right now, along with the legal costs of their predicament.

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ztgstmv said...

What CPS doesn't get is that it doesn't cost the FLDS nearly as much money to raise a child as a regular person in mainstream society. The FLDS make all their own clothes, grow their own food, and man their own activities. There's no need for expensive shopping trips to spoil their kids, getting the latest clothes in fashion, make-up, CDs, trips to disney, day care, dance classes, Taik won du, trips to Rome, etc. that "ordinary" children require. Thus the $600 a month Barbara and Merril are required to pay those foster care parents is excessive! FLDS kids don't cost that much money to raise! If CPS weren't so prejudiced, they would put Merrianne with another FLDS family, so that her cultural values are preserved.

Me said...

But that wouldn't fit their plan. No matter what they won't put her with an FLDS family, because the money would end up right back where it came from. The object is to break them financially as you said. Besides, the FLDS belief system is what is hurting the children, right?

Oh, and this doesn't have anything to do with religion.