Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wrong twice as often as they were "right," CPS admits failure on an ever increasing scale.

By weeks end will we even have a quarter of the kids under court supervision that originally were in CPS custody? Probably not. Certainly it will be that way soon. The ratio of mistakes admitted by CPS is now 2 to 1. 3-1 very soon, I'm sure. 4-1 shortly after that.

"On Tuesday, Texas Child Protective Services filed to 'nonsuit' four more children taken into state custody in the raid on the YFZ Ranch. That brings the total number dropped to 291, agency spokesman Patrick Crimmins told the Deseret News."

As we approach that magic number where there are more than TWICE the number of kids "nonsuited" than there are still under formal court scrutiny, it becomes more and more pathetic to suggest that the initial action of CPS was justified in any way. Going in with guns and APC's is not how you respond to a report of domestic abuse. Taking all the neighbor's kids is not a way that you respond to domestic abuse. Since it's fair to say that this now represents a huge embarassment and black eye to an incompetent state of Texas, it's also fair to say that they would continue in their bumbling way to cover up the unsightly mess they made in the first place.

Let's put that another way. It cannot be argued to me or to any other casual observer, with this set of facts, that Texas knew what it was doing. It can hardly be argued that they were "fair" to the FLDS either. Why would we expect that they would be NOW?

The courts forced them to give the kids back, and now CPS is finding it difficult to "reacquire" them. Had the courts NOT forced CPS to give the children back, do you have any doubt that most of them would still be in Foster Care? Being unable to assert custody over more than twice as many children as they still have under court supervision is simple proof of bad judgement. They now stand by their own admission, without proof of the need to have jurisdiction over 2/3rds of the kids. Once again, that's TWICE as many that didn't need there help, as did, by their own admission, and they're NOT done "nonsuiting" the children. The fog of war is disappearing and with it any illusion of "cause."

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