Monday, September 29, 2008

If marrying young against their will is bad...

Hat tip to "Freedom and Separatism;"

The ABA Journal - “When the kids start crying when their mother leaves, you feel one way,” Golder says. “Then when you think about 13- and 14-year-old girls being placed in a marriage relationship, without a choice, you feel different. I’m usually a pretty decisive person, but this is one where honestly every day I have a different feeling.”

Now contrast this popular sentiment that most of us on the outside have felt at least once, with this result;

“They were lovely people who had the coffee going at 6 in the morning and fed us breakfast,” Hays says. “I was amazed at how well-organized things were.”

And this one;

“I’m a feminist, and I was apprehensive about what I was going to be defending,” she says. “The second I met my clients, I wasn’t worried. They are very independent women who are very assertive and very capable of explaining what they love about their lifestyle.”

“Well, my mother’s not too young, so why am I here?” the girl asked. “This one,” (Mary Noel) Golder says, “I don’t worry about.”


“Five kids in a duplex on a busy road where the kids can’t play didn’t last long,” says (Susan) Hays, who was impressed with the ranch. The multiple-story log structures, where many members live in a somewhat communal style, reminded her of condominiums in Aspen, Colo.

“There were also allegations that the children didn’t know how to play, and that’s just BS,” Hays says. “The children are quite playful. They just don’t have unnecessary things.”

If this pervasive pattern of male dominance (which the article mentions) coupled with their control and pervasive patterns of "underage marriage" produce this sort of result, remind me again, what was the problem? Exactly what kind of "damage" is occuring if the women are strong, independent and love their lifestyle and the kids are happy and know how to play without excessive amounts of material things? These people are even tollerant of behaviors they abhor;

"Hays, who grew up in nearby Brownwood, eventually told her client’s mother about her work facilitating legal abortions for teens. The woman had no reaction. 'Having grown up in west Texas, that surprised me,' Hays says.

'Here are these very pious people—who do not smoke, they don’t drink, they do not cuss—and you’ve got a bunch of lawyers representing them who hang out in bars and cuss like sailors. And they’re fine with that,' says Hays, adding that her client’s mother was surprised that Hays had never married or had children."

Intolerance is the problem all right, but it's coming from the outside, not the inside of YFZ.

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