Friday, September 12, 2008

Smaller and Smaller. The incredible shrinking list of possibly abused children.

We're rapidly approaching the point where even Texas it admits it was wrong twice as often as it was right.

The Deseret News - "Texas Child Protective Services filed to have another child from the Utah-based polygamous sect officially nonsuited, ending court jurisdiction over their case. Friday's filing brings the number of cases nonsuited to 287.

Approximately 439 children were taken into state custody during the April raid, when CPS caseworkers and law enforcement responded to the YFZ Ranch on a phone call alleging abuse. The children were returned to their families two months later, when two Texas courts ruled the state acted improperly and the children were not in any imminent danger."

6 more kids and it will be 293 nonsuited versus 146 still under the gun. 146 x 2 = 292. How low will it go and how soon? Fairly soon we will be able to see just how many candidates there were for the "kids with kids" lie and I don't think the picture will be pretty for Texas. We should be asking questions.

How many of the remaining 152 are girls? What is the age distribution? Do any of them have children? You can believe that if there are kids with kids (we know there are not) then they are all still under court supervision.

The number is beginning to become fairly manageable. If the distribution is normal, and not weighted towards boys or girls then we have about 76 girls left. If they are distributed normally by age then we have about a third of those in child bearing range. That's about 25.

Were ANY of these remaining, approximately 25 or less girls "seen" with kids or pregnant? I believe the answer is already "no" but it can now be asked of Texas in a "manageable" way.

Are there any 13 year old girls under court supervision? The answer will be "about" 5. Are any of them pregnant or were any of them pregnant and do they have children? The question repeats itself for 14, 15, 16 and 17.

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alaskagain/"Toes" said...

I look forward to the day when the number of FLDS children under court supervision is ZERO.