Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something Going on at the Plural life

I don't know what the single day posting record is at Brooke Adams blog, "The Plural Life" but they're sure pegging the meter today over in Salt Lake. Some quotes, regarding Polygynists, by those who oppose it's legalization or decriminalization;

"Because no one lives in a vacuum, you live in communities and what you do affects your community."

Which means she has the right to tell me how to live, more thoughts from the same poster who is apparently from Mali, where the Muslim faith is predominant and Polygyny is common. I have a contact in Mali who says that the Polygynies there are very harmonious, and that accounts for her interest in them;

"Social problems associated with polygyny world wide:

Burqas and other extreme restrictions on women's clothing, lower levels of education and health care for women, more physical and sexual abuse of women in general and less redress for same, honor rapes, honor killings, genital mutilation, arranged marriages, 'temporary' marriage, under aged marriage (sometimes for both genders, but usually for the female), trafficking in women to solve the math problem, bands of single men."

But apparently she is FOR gay marriage;

"Laws against gay marriage were ruled unconstitutional partly because of prohibitions against discrimination based on sexual orientation. I do not think there is wording in the constitution that could be construed to include multiple marriage partners as a demographic group that is protected in that way."


"Sex and money are the two power points in any marriage. You have a monopoly on at least one of those. Whether or not you chose to be fair, any one of your wives does not have the control on the situation that you have. If you can't see that, you are not particularly compassionate."

Another poster seems to think lawsuits doomed Polygamy as a legal practice;

"If the government is going to have to rule on it, it is, in fact, the government's business. Where do you think we got the current marriage law from? Centuries of law suits."

Sad religion;

"The way I read that is that the central element of your religion is the oppression of women. That's sad and ugly. Does it make you feel important?"

As always, the fascination with 12 year olds;

"No one in secular society is going to be content with leaving people alone who allow 12 year old girls to marry."

The fact that though uncommon, there is provision in THIS society to do just that, doesn't impress such people.

"You folks think this is all about some hippies experimenting with free love, but it's not. It's about creating a culture that makes women into slaves."

And then there is this gem;

"Whenever you corner polygamist baboons with common sense they all start quoting Old Testament scriptures written by goat herders who were so backward God had to tell them to stop having sex with their animals."

There is a lot of hatred out there for Polygynists.

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