Friday, September 26, 2008

Rule ? !

Jim Lehrer just asked how the candidates would RULE the country. I'm sorry, but I thought this was a Presidential election, not the selection of a Monarch.

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Love of The Truth said...

Hugh, how do you get to be a member or Brooks Team?

The Pharisee said...

I suspect they're either allowing the blog comment section to cool off, or they're looking for IP addresses to block so as to discourage the offending poster.

Shari Thomas said...

After 8 years of "King George" and another 8 of "King Bill", his slip was really quite Freudian, don't ya' think?

The Pharisee said...

Investing that much in the executive office of this country does make it the position of a monarch.

Laughable. We rebel against a monarch, and embrace one later. The very thought that the president can have that much influence proves that we are making a throne for them to sit on.

Pliggy said...

The selection of a monarch is EXACTLY what people are voting for. But not a monarchy of the figurehead, but the monarchy of the political party.

The Executive Branch has way too much power, handed over to it by the deadbeat Congress and the ivory tower Judiciary. All because of party politics.

Shari Thomas said...

Hugh, if you asked the average US Citizen if they ever heard of "Executive Orders", most would be totally clueless, and yet Executive Orders, used extensively in the past 20 years have created more "rules" which have the same authority as "law" than you'd believe. Oh... and no one ever votes on them. They are issued by the President with no oversight.

The Pharisee said...

I should reveal at this point, that I'm a Monarchist. However, I hardly want to vote for a Monarch that would rule the way the left wishes to rule.

The odd thing about the election in terms of the two major political parties is that ALL of us invest too much in the ability of a President to "save" us from whatever. In investing that much hope in a President, we do make him a Monarch, and I think what Lehrer said was tremendously revealing.

Frankly, we could elect Barak Obama and there wouldn't be that much to worry about if we elected an activist and conservative congress to go with him. We will elect it seems even more Democrats and a Democrat President along with him to RULE us. That's not the sort of Monarch I wish to surrender to, but it may be the course that our LORD has appointed for us.

Remember, the people of Israel had no King and the LORD ruled over them, yet they rejected God from ruling over them, and said, "No, but let a King rule over us."

Tragically, we seem to be doing a variation of the same thing, but to the wrong man. If we're going to have a King, I would prefer another man. I fight to maintain our republic out of fear of the wrong man. We seem ready to surrender our Republic and on top of that, to the wrong man.