Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mud Slinging Continues, Tony Alamo still NOT arrested.

The Tennessean headlines their article this way: Flamboyant ex-con evangelist Tony Alamo makes headlines again, and then leads with the following;

"Rhinestone-clad evangelist Tony Alamo, who once funneled millions of tax-free dollars through a Music Row church and ran a high-end clothing store on Lower Broadway, is back in the news.

It isn't pretty. But then, it never was with Alamo (pronounced A-LAH-mo, not like the place in San Antonio). Alamo's complex in southwestern Arkansas was raided over the weekend by 100 federal and state police. Six children have been taken into custody. The investigation is into child abuse and porn."

But we're not coloring the story. I stress again that I am not a Tony Alamo supporter in any way but nonetheless, this is looking more and more like a shaky operation for the FBI. The word "Polygamy" has come up several times. It would seem that Tony thinks it's not a good idea, but not a sin.

Polygamy again is the keyword.

This begins to worry me a bit, since it would be very clear now that the FBI has a pattern, one very similar to the one used at YFZ, when it comes to those either excusing Polygamy or promoting it.

Raid first, investigate forever.

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Me said...

Government agenda buzz words:

Tax Fraud
Welfare Fraud
Home schoolers
Discrimination against women and children

Of course all these add up to CHILD ABUSE, and the age of children keeps increasing, to attack religion. One of their greatest fears "I worry about how much influence their leader has over HIS followers."

Emphasize HIS because that is really what they are attacking, male dominant (in their language) religions that believe in having children. In other words the law of God, as it is written in the Bible.

ztgstmv said...

If the conspiracy proves true, i.e. regarding this being an attack on white patriarchal societies, then we should be seeing an attack on the Amish and Hutterites sometime. They won't be able to use the "pornography" excuse. So for the Feds to get involved in those communities it will have to have to do with taxes or Mann Act offenses. Or it'll be done at the state level.

It will be interesting to see how they deal with those VERY patriarchal communities. One can only wonder what tricks they have up their sleeve to turn the American people against the Amish.

The Pharisee said...

They'll have to do a little more work before the Amish, and successfully establish the teaching of "homophobia" as child abuse.