Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help me out, why did Merrianne go back into state custody?

I'm trying to figure this out.

The Deseret News - "A 14-year-old girl (Merrianne Jessop) from the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch ordered back into foster care may be reunited with her mother by next year.

That's according to a progress report recently compiled by Texas Child Protective Services and obtained Wednesday by the Deseret News. The report is being presented to a judge in San Angelo, Texas, handling the massive custody case involving children from the Utah-based polygamous sect. The girl's case is scheduled for a permanency hearing on Sept. 25."

They're allowing "unsupervised" phone contact between Merrianne and her mother.

" 'After this visit, it was discovered that (the girl) had at least 21 unsupervised phone calls with her mother in a period of one week,' the report said. 'Both presented as though they had been adhering to the monitored phone contact only. Many of the phone calls occurred in the middle of the night and some lasted in duration of longer than 30 minutes.' "

So Mom can talk to Merrianne, unsupervised in some sort of violation, and still they're going to "reunite" them next year, and mom is not cooperating with authorities.

"Barbara Jessop also is required to undergo psychological evaluations, attend parenting classes and have a social study. But caseworkers say no progress has been made."

Barbara pushes the envelope.

"Barbara Jessop first visited her daughter on Aug. 26. Since then, CPS caseworkers indicated Jessop has pushed the boundaries of her supervised visits, including bringing unapproved people with her and making unmonitored phone calls. The girl was not allowed to keep her cell phone while in foster placement, the CPS report said."

Why did they take Merrianne again? Nothing is changing. Mom is militantly resisting being "reformed," they allow Mom and daughter to talk, if only because of inadequate supervision or rebellion on the part of mother and daughter. Was this just an outburst of anger on the part of Texas and a practical example of "who's in charge here?" Or is Merrianne a hostage?

"The girl's father is YFZ Ranch leader Merril Jessop, who has been absent from custody hearings. He is believed to be under investigation in the ongoing criminal probe involving church members.

'Ms. Jessop has not provided any locating information on Mr. Jessop, although she has been asked on multiple occasions,' the report said."

It would seem that Merrianne is being held to extort information from her mother, regarding Merril.

The Salt Lake Tribune seems to thinks the reunification is NOT in the offing.

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ztgstmv said...

Typical in Texas. Torture the kids to get at the adults. They already have taken the girl's cell phone, and kept her from her family. What will CPS/LE try next. Withholding food? More threats? Transfer to some dingy border town foster home, where the girl is in real danger? All to get her mom and her talking?

Remember how they gassed the babies at Waco?
From Waco; The Rules of Engagement:
'Agents believed that "maternal instincts would take over," forcing women from the building in the face of lethal doses of CS gas'

Anonymous said...

Exactly, they have to have some pawn in place to extort what they are trying to get at, which in this case is evidence against WSJ, and to find Merril so they can nail him to the bandwagon.

Me said...

There was never a plan to return the children to their parents by CPS, but only an effort towards terminating parental rights until the court of Appeals made their ruling. There is still no plan to return Marrianne to her parents. "The goal towards family reunification" is a CPS watchword in the media to put on a soft covering of what they're really trying to do, which is to convince either mother or daughter, or both to testify against Merril Jessop, and Warren Jeffs. In other words, to change their religion and lie for them, and join the state and Carolyn in their genocide attack. Only on these grounds will they reunite the family, excluding their father and husband.

Merrianne's AAL and CPS have both told her to not plan on returning to her parents until she is 18, trying to break her down with constant supervision, and threats. She is being spied on 24-7 by the AG (helpers) and CPS, along with her mother.

Anonymous said...

Suprise!!Suprise!! Me, has it correct. Don't think for a minute that all the "soft fluff" that CPS terms all it's intentions are anything but an effort to put WSJ away for good, and to get to Merril and anybody "up top" that they can.