Wednesday, September 24, 2008

None dare call it Treason !

I've heard a whole host of economic doomsayers lately. There's the usual crew of depression/disaster merchants out there predicting economic Armageddon and trying to sell a book, or some secure investment like gold. I'm not talking about them.

I'm talking about prominent economic doomsayers like Alan Greenspan, who, if he really believes what he's said about the economy lately, is a traitor. He's not alone.

If in fact we teeter on the brink of financial ruin, then SAYING we're teetering on the brink of financial ruin when you're in a position to know is insanely destructive. Think. What could possibly be the effect of such a statement? Would it be that people BELIEVE you?

And what if they did? The effect of such belief would be to act on it, by taking money out of this sector of the economy, or that sector of the economy, or delaying across the board a number of economic boosting investments, resulting in what? Pushing the teetering rusting wreck of our economy past the point of no return. An economy that could be saved, would be destroyed and with it the whole world would slide into depression, spawn dictatorships, and ultimately, war.

Thus it is treasonous to discuss the economy in such a fashion if it is really in such dire straits. That leaves you with few choices when you hear a prominent politician say we are in a recession (which hasn't happened yet) or that the economy has been "mismanaged" (I'll get to that part later).

The politician is an idiot in the one case. He or she is a dangerous fool that should be let nowhere near political office. The politician is pandering to our fear. He or she is a dangerous liar, more dangerous than the average politician, and again, should be let nowhere near public office. The politician is a traitor, willing to destroy the economy to be sitting on top of it's smoking ruin. He or she is willing to rule hell and make hell on earth, than to be a doorkeeper in paradise. He or she should be let nowhere near public office.

The idea that McCain promotes by "suspending" his campaign and "delaying the debate" suggests in a sort of Pollyanna fashion that at best he subscribes to the idea that Washington CAN manage the economy and ought to. One sort of presupposes the other. Hopefully, that's really his primary motivation. Otherwise he's in one of the above groups (Obama is already there in my estimation) and neither should be let anywhere near new public office, certainly not the Presidency. That would make McCain the best of bad choices. A really bad choice as opposed to a criminally evil choice.

God destines all. Normally when you see storm clouds, there will be rain, but not always. We could make the most disastrous of political choices this November, and still be rescued by the hand of God. We are to make choices within the destinies God has planned for us, it reflects on us in terms of accountability before him. For this reason I appeal to everyone to turn away from the nonsense and embrace the truth. The truth is a Republican President can't do anything to manage the economy for good or ill, with an intransigent congress controlled by the other party, yet we stumble towards the election with the ever increasing signs that we will blame George like he is a monarch, and elect a true monarch to replace him. Barack Obama, the most liberal of all Presidential candidates in modern history, to head an all liberal congress for the next two years.

Hopefully there will be at least 41 Senators in that case, to filibuster, but the Dems can always change Senate rules to suspend debate with simple majorities. This will be their best chance at social engineering since Johnson and Roosevelt.

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