Friday, September 26, 2008

The FLDS Conflict of Interest, um, conflict...

What was mud becomes a bit clearer. With attorneys representing attorneys that want to be someone else's attorney, it looks like a tangle that even Alexander could not solve with a sword.

The Deseret News - "(Laura) Shockley, who represented some of the 'disputed minors' that turned out to be adults, also represented some children early on in the FLDS custody battle — including a 5-year-old boy whose mother is one of Annette Jeffs' sister-wives, and CPS alleged, a sister-wife to Barbara Jessop's 14-year-old daughter.

'Every individual, as Americans, are free to choose who they want to represent them,' countered Kirby Roberts, a lawyer hired to represent Shockley, a Dallas-area attorney.

Appearing in court together, Annette Jeffs and Barbara Jessop both said they were willing to waive any conflicts to have Shockley represent them. But under questioning, both women refused to answer questions that underscored the perceived problem.

'As a mother of a child, do you see a problem with an attorney representing you, the mother of an alleged victim, and a parent of an alleged perpetrator?' CPS attorney Jeff Schmidt asked Annette Jeffs.

'I'm going to stand on the Fifth,' she replied.

She invoked her right against self-incrimination to nearly every question about her daughter's alleged marriage at age 15 to Raymond Jessop. In civil court those non-answers can be used against her."

CPS doesn't want an attorney opening up an avenue of communcation between those it has barred from contact. In short, CPS doesn't want Willie Jessop talking to Teresa Jeffs in a closed communication channel that they cannot monitor.

This whole "victim-perpetrator" forumulation is only important to the CPS, the FLDS simply don't see those people in those roles. This also explains a bit the extension of Barbara Walther's restraining order and Natalie Malonis' recent shrill stage protests.

Barbara Jessop also is not calling her daughter, it would seem, despite the colorations of reports made by CPS that she is misbehaving;

"A CPS caseworker testified they put a halt to notes being passed to the girl, but allowed siblings to visit alongside her mother. When CPS had documentation of dozens of phone calls between the two, Jessop explained that it was her daughter who would call her."

It would seem that CPS doesn't want us to know that Merrianne Jessop is as distressed as she really is, in CPS custody.

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ztgstmv said...

It's disturbing how a judge can rule that the woman's daughter will continue to be held for several months. What's going on in a country, where people's children can be taken and held incommunicado from their parents, when their parents haven't even been convicted or proven to be guilty of child abuse. We truly live in Tyranny. Parents have no rights and they're in constant fear of their children being taken away from the government, which pretty much assumes it owns your children, and all it takes to take them away is a measly civil hearing.