Sunday, September 21, 2008

Worth Watching...

6 children were put in temporary custody, AND...

Fox News - Fouke Arkansas - "No one was arrested, but U.S. Attorney Bob Balfe said before the raid that he expected an arrest warrant for Alamo to be issued later. The federal investigation centered on the production of child pornography, while state police were looking into allegations of other child abuse, he said."

This is eerily like the YFZ raid in some respects, but while I disagree with FLDS beliefs and some of their practices, Tony Alamo did weird things like keep his wife's dead body on public display claiming she would be resurrected. That's out there. As far as I know, there are no claims of Polygyny or Polygamy but I'm not familiar with Tony's group just as I am not very familiar with "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins group in Texas.

Quotes on the radio coverage I heard, sound just the same as those made about the FLDS with the community being "sure" that something is going on and "relieved" that "something has finally been done."

It's significant that no one has been arrested. I continue to have faith that in most cases where law enforcement intervenes, it is because something is really going on. There would have to be at least a high degree of probability.

A low standard of proof, it has been learned, is all that is necessary to take children and a low standard of proof is necessary to forcefully investigate supposed crimes against children and "abuse" of children.

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