Monday, September 22, 2008

Inbred Idiots

Genetic defective cousin marrying inbred animals.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "A four-year effort to improve student learning has earned national recognition for a charter school in the polygamous community of Centennial Park. The U.S. Department of Education named Masada Charter School a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School after it made gains in students' reading, writing and math skills.

It was one of four Arizona schools and 320 schools nationwide to be recognized. Three schools in Utah - Mapleton Elementary, Mona Elementary and Oakridge Elementary in Salt Lake City - made the list.

At Masada, students now score in the top 10 percent on Arizona's AIMS tests in the three subject areas and achievement has soared over the past four years - the result of 'a lot of hard work,' said LeAnne Timpson, school administrator."

One of 320 nationwide. One of 4 in Arizona. Only 3 in Utah made the list.

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