Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More on the Tony Alamo front.

The "Alamo" was on Saturday, it's Tuesday. There have been to my knowledge, no arrests. It's starting to sound a bit more like the FLDS all over again. It's also starting to sound as if a script is being employed in both cases. Allegations of polygamy and child abuse, then a raid on a place where people are in "compounds" or at church and in one place, and a collection of the most impressionable and malleable (children) for isolation and interrogation. Those kids and whatever documents are collected then become the evidence really sought in what has to be admitted is an incomplete investigation.

KSLA TV - Channel 12 - Shreveport, LA
- "Alamo denies all allegations, but does say polygamy is not a sin.

'I don't see that at all. And besides if I was a polygamist, it's not a crime God sends people to hell for,' said Alamo.

When asked if he condones polygamy, Alamo said, 'God does. Are you saying God is wrong by condoning it? Moses had 3 wives.'

KSLA News 12 spoke with an FBI spokesperson in Little Rock.

He said the bureau could not comment on plans for an arrest of Tony Alamo.

The spokesperson said it's an ongoing investigation."

Now we have the "ongoing" investigation. No crime yet exists but they'll find one.

I'd like to stress several things. One is that I don't know what the initial evidence is in "the Alamo, the miniseries." There may well be a smoking gun situation that gives the invaders justification. For instance, had there been a Sarah or even a "pregnant underage teen" seen at YFZ, the FLDS would now have a much tougher row to hoe.

Tony Alamo seems confrontational. He's tangled with the government before and perhaps has been mistreated. I'm really not familiar with his group. This does show the Elephant in the room aspect of tangling with the government though, whether you bring it on or not. The Elephant is the governments long memory and eternal resentment. If they don't "get you" or have to let you go, they'll keep coming for you. Government is bureaucratic and single minded. If you've ever seen or read the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," think Vogons.

The raid may have occurred during the "New Jerusalem Ministry's" services. They hold them every evening at 8pm. Did they raid his house while he was away or raid the whole church to catch everyone in one place at once? The second is a more alarming possibility that shows government is going to start grabbing fundamentalists which they think of as equivalent to cults, while they are gathered together in one place. The formula then becomes allege abuse, and grab all the kids and start pumping them for information.

I can count only two wives for Moses so I don't know where Tony is getting his "three" figure from.

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