Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Into the Walther Zone - Psychosis, Comedy & Horror in the theater of the real

Only in this case, only in West Texas, only with Judge Walther.

The San Angelo Standard-Times - "That created the unique situation of Malonis arguing against her own motion, which she had filed on behalf of her own client."

This is true Twilight Zone - Alice in Wonderland material. It's not surprising to then learn that Judge Walther also presides over the criminal trials of the FLDS "Felony Four" as well. How can it be that a Judge does not see the conflict a client has when that client watches their own attorney in a real life psychotic break?

The Judge lives or dies on this case. She's been left alone for the most part, aside from the Supreme Court ruling that the kids be returned. She has also been left alone so when the blame game starts, if it does, she will be the only one who hears the sound of the limb being sawed off, behind her.

I've ceased to comment on large chunks of this case. It's no longer important in my view to point out the surrealistic horror of it all. I could be here all day pointing that fact out without a new bit of news for probably a year, and not cover the same ground twice. This one just struck me as too bizarre. It also struck me that Judge Walther may be all alone some day in a real way.

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kbp said...

In case you may have missed it, walther is planning to retire soon.

The Pharisee said...

I didn't. She could still retire though, in utter disgrace.

However, she is in the "nothing to lose" category and that may have been planned.

Me said...

The only thing she has to lose is her immediate family and friends because she has become so hard to live with. That's a lot to lose, and I'm sure it's on its way.

Also her retirement money will be used up when she is sued for damages.

Xorphshire said...

Hugh, you mention her having "nothing to lose." I totally agree, and I also believe that it has been planned this way.

Who is pulling her strings?! There's no way I can believe that this was HER idea and HER agenda. Sometime, somehow, she was singled out to take part in this.

Not to promote a conspiracy theory -- but could her totally ridiculous behavior be a result of her being blackmailed?

The Pharisee said...

I completely buy into a small scale conspiracy, namely that there were small groups of people who wanted to "get" the FLDS.

Walther seems to have been shoved to the forefront and will bear the brunt of the failure if there is ultimately a failure.

The rest of the "conspiracy" I believe is more informal with people practicing opportunism and finding "useful idiots." For the purposes of suing the bastards, it pays to begin by subpoenaing everyone on the basis of a full "grassy knoll" Oliver Stone JFK scenario. After all the evidence is in one big barn, we'll see how big it really is.

Turnabout is fair play.