Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Modern Pharisee's BIGGEST Month

As of this writing, I have over 4000 unique visitors, and over 5000 page views for the month of November 2008. If you're a net savvy person, this is hardly impressive. This stat is measured through "Blogflux," since my Google Analytics went down when I changed templates. I don't know what number (usually higher) that Google thinks I've achieved in terms of unique visitors for November 2008.

Like ballot recounts though, I have no reason to think Blogflux has a weighted myopia. I am sure they miss counting hits based on no particular profile, so based on that measurement, I will end the month with an over 33% increase in hits, and an over 20% increase in page views over and above any previous "good" month.

Having a background in broadcasting as I do (a deep and old background) I know that web ratings are similar to Radio or Television ratings. They measure your total audience vs how long you hold them. For instance a page view rating of 4, which would be for 4000 unique visitors, 16,000 page views would be pretty good. It would involve apparent intense interest on the part of my readers.

I have certain blind spots when it comes to improving that number. I've seen other blogs where the first few lines of an article which contain an writing hook (a journalistic device that catches your interest) and then an arrow that you click for "More." That increases page views. I have looked for that feature on my blog template, and can't find it. I'm an idiot, it's probably staring me right in the face. It's not just a trick because it compresses content so that more of it is seen on the "front page" of your blog and more articles can be seen. It also demonstrates involvement because a reader reads "more" when their interest is high.

But this is pretty good for me. I'm not doing all the things I need to do to promote this blog. There are "descriptions" I should be inserting into some place on the blog that make it more "search friendly" and there are widgets I could put in that would automatically ping certain engines when there is new content. Imagine me as Shrek with a blog. It's rather amazing that anyone knows I'm pounding away at the keyboard inside my swamp. It's amazing that I found the Internet, much less learned how to put content on it that anyone would read.

So I chum. In angling terms, that's throwing bait on the water's surface to attract fish. I'm now a certified "Third Rate" or "Third Tier" blog which I mentioned before. As other blogs that have been "FLDS" centric during their time of crisis, I have risen with that tide, a tide I would have wished never came. But as their sustaining tide wanes, I continue to experience a wider audience. For this reason I am repeating my appeals, which I believe the LORD will answer if he sees fit. This means I probably won't pander again, for a while.

Again, I need TECH help. At present I can pay nothing for it. If I could, I would have already gotten it. It figures someone out there has roughly similar sympathies and can make a blog bigger through the various tweaks.

I would very much like writing assistance. Doubtless there are some out there who also see things similarly and would contribute to the content of the Modern Pharisee. For those of you who would wish to contribute, I have several requirements, in order of importance.

  • Christian: You must be a reformation leaning Bible Believing CHRISTIAN. This rules out the LDS who I have supported to varying degrees. This rules out Catholics and I am married to a Catholic. Catholics are Christian, but vary to much in doctrine and governance issues.
  • I would greatly prefer a Calvinist leaning writer, as I believe firmly the LORD ordains all things. Some doctrinal issues can be solved by my editorial control over this blog.
  • It almost goes without saying, but this also means that you regard the 66 books of the "Bible" to be infallible, at least in their original tongues.
  • A willingness to work within established denominations first, is a goal of the Modern Pharisee. I am instructed by the behavior of Luther, and the early church in Jerusalem, who met in Solomon's portico.

Last, and least in many ways, there is MONEY. I'm worse than broke. Things have improved a lot recently but they are not improving quickly. In theory I could do this, and only this. It is my intention to confront the church in the very near future. For that I could quickly become a thorny stink to people I work with, and people in church.

If I began to receive contributions, I would cease "blog ads" and may do so anyway. I would be accountable to my contributors by listing the denominations of my contributions and the total amounts. If I receive enough to sustain me as a job, I will consider distributing the excess to worthy causes, or perhaps shutting off contributions for the month by removing my "Paypal" button for that time.

In putting this speculation out there, I seek the will of God. Clearly if someone started writing me a check every month for $5000.00, I would have no need of another job. Clearly if I had writing help it would signify that there were others that heard a similar theme from God that I have heard. Clearly if I got tech help, more people would know of these concerns.

That's it for the year, I promise not to mention it again (at least in terms of money) for another 6 months. It's fine with me if no one responds on any front. That would indicate God's will for me to the extent that I at least know I do this alone for now. It would also mean that this concern would only continue as long as I was able to perform it. That would be of course, God's will, and I would clearly hear it.

The bigger this effort gets, the more I will press the issue of marriage, as defined scripturally, in the church. That is the primary goal I have been pursuing now with increasing audience and impact, for nearly 14 years.

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