Thursday, July 23, 2009

And now down goes "Rozita's" blog. (And up it goes again)

UPDATED (Back up, you can never figure an attention whore) You never try to expose your more paranoid musings. This time I'm going to have to.
"What Princess Says Goes" is also down, a day after "Coram Non Judice" when down.

The writer(s) and/or owners of gave plenty of reason to any reader that the owner of the blog and it's author was the Rozita Estraletta Swinton of YFZ infamy. Not the least of which was the sharing of a photo of Rozita's right eye which appeared last fall/winter in cache's of a MySpace page that had a 99% plus certainty of being Rozita's "My Space" page.

Essentially it takes plotting of a paranoid's wildest imaginations to produce a MySpace account well in advance of the YFZ raids, place pictures on that page, do a little dabbling around the internet and then in March of 2008 launch an attack on the FLDS in Texas and then spend the next year leading pro FLDS bloggers down a garden path populated by dated evidence that makes them think they're talking to people who are fictitious.

To put it simply, "Rozita" uses a picture in her profile on MySpace, a profile that only the best internet sleuths might have found, and then in her blogger profile, and not be the same person. Since that MySpace profile predates the FLDS raid by a year or more, the notion that it's really Rozita's picture is a pretty safe one and it's pretty safe to assume it's on "blogger" and "myspace" because Rozita put both of them there. There's also the matter of the linkage to another MySpace album of pictures by an obscure older White Guy in Burley Idaho, pictures of Rozita again. Really and Truly.

So the evidence points to "What Princess Says Goes" as being "really and truly" the blog of Rozita Estraletta Swinton. Now the real paranoia.

If it's not her, I personally have been fed a line of very carefully crafted and sophisticated bull. Gee fellas (gals), I'm flattered. 'Lil ole me? Only two scenarios fit Myspace: The grooming of a human missile in the person of Rozita years before her attack on YFZ. A group of "psy ops" FBI/Texas Ranger/Flora Jessop types that have been feeding misinformation, researching Ms. Swinton, hacking MySpace (or cooperating with them) all to discredit and mislead and distract a small contingent of pro FLDS unpaid "pajamas media" types. Think of it this way. The ownership of the MySpace page tagged "rozitas" had to be co-opted from it's original owner, or found and pilaged and an elaborate hoax created, or MySpace had to let Law Enforcement create a fake ID complete with fake dates dating two to three years into the past. If you look at it today the ages don't match, if you looked at it a few weeks ago, they did. BTW, this MySpace Page is apparently the same person.

Top that off with almost all hits I have been able to trace to the Estraletta blogger and her support group coming from the Chicago area and suddenly, emails associated with them ALSO coming from the Chicago area (won't say which one of them) and Coram and Princess going down in successive days, and it gets a paranoid to wondering. It would get a normal mind to wondering. The hair stands up on the back of your neck and you wonder just how badly you might have been "had."

Except I'm OK with it. I'd love to prove a connection between the blogger of "Coram" and the blogger of "Princess" even if it's just two simpatico souls spreading misinformation. It would be even more embarassing to the Salt Lake Tribune who still banners the defuct blog of "Texas Blues Man" to this day on the "Plural Life." A hoaxer? Linked to by a "Major News Source" as credible? If the connection got any deeper, or more widespread, that would work for me too. If it spread to people working for Texas or the FBI, I'd be ecstatic. I'd have been wrong, and paranoid, and my worst paranoid fears would have come true, but it would work, really, it would.

Of course, it could be nothing at all. Rozita closed her blog once before, to modify it's template and it was back up in a hurry. It's THURSAY! What do you people want from me?

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Jam Inn said...


Jam Inn said...

Hugh, 'Coram non Judice' has come back on line, TBM's scheduled surgery won't be until September, you 'Lyin' Tamer' You can put your tin foil hat back on the hook for now.

The Pharisee said...

He took it down Jam, not I.

TxBluesMan said...

Hugh was very decent about it actually - although I obviously disagree with him on a number of issues, he sent me a nice email wishing me the best when I took my blog down.

I still think some of his theories are out in left field and will continue to say so, just as I am sure that he will point out things on my blog that he disagrees with.

The Pharisee said...

Back in the 2006-2007 time frame, someone opens a "MySpace" account and uses the oft used handle "Daughter of a KING."

The MySpace account is described this way:


I can prove for certain is that it was active in 2007.

That blogger uses pictures of Rozita, they were available late last year in caches of the "MySpace" page. Someone who owned a page that used the rare spelling of "Rozita" and pictures of her dating back to "Pre-YFZ" days.

There are the following possible explanations.

It's Rozita Swinton's page.

Someone with the power to insert things into the internet record created that account with accompanying comments on other persons MySpace pages (other people that KNOW Rozita) and those people didn't notice the strangely dated comments on their pages that popped into the record out of nowhere. Either that or they're all in on a massive "plot" together. Now that one, while possible, deserves a laugh. It's possible in the sense that you're posting from the planet Mars.

Someone hijacked an old MySpace account tagged "rozitas" and is now using it to sham as Rozita. That's weird. Why would they do that? I'm not the one that found it, an ally did, and forwarded it to me. Whoever "rozitas" was, I wasn't noticing. If it was a sham, no one was making an effort for that sham to be found. Whoever did that also commented on another Myspace page in late February of this year, a page that included an album of thanksgiving day photos that WERE of Rozita Estraletta Swinton. Those are all gone now, the owner, a bartender/foster parent in Burley Idaho took that MySpace page down. "Daughter of a KING/rozitas" knew that person and was connected to them.

Those are the possibilities that I can think of.

When opened up earlier this year, they used an obscure briefly used picture of Rozita Swinton's right eye as a profile picture.

That leads to the following possibilities.

Rozita is the blogger.

The blogger knows Rozita and wants us to think they are Rozita. Pretty much that's the same as the first one, if Rozita participates in her impersonation, it's for all intents and purposes an endorsed function of or extension of Rozita Swinton's own self.

The blog is a sham. Someone found the obscure "MySpace" account of "rozitas," and copped a screen shot of that page and lifted her "eyeball" picture from it. Without befriending that "MySpace" account, there was very little information available to find out it was Rozita.

Some hints on that last one. People who know Rozita were being followed by that account. These though were generally people who did not know her well. They did NOT know that the two accounts she owns were her, and they had no idea why cryptic little comments were being made on their pages by those accounts. They were shocked to find out it was her. They were even more shocked because they knew her only in faint passing ways.

So I'm back to these thoughts.

"What Princess says Goes" is in fact the blog of Rozita Swinton, the one we all know and love.

It's a fake, perpetrated by a very clever faker with obsessive tendencies and research skills at least as good as mine, probably better. They found her account on "MySpace" and used it to set up the sham blog "What Princess says Goes."

It's a fake set up as a disinformation campaign by Law Enforcement. Wowsers.

In those last two though it almost requires that someone I regard as a good friend is a sophisticated spy of some sort. I have a truly hard time with that one. When I didn't take the bait they fed me through this "spy/friend" a line of bull that rivals the best spy novels. Moles. Spies. Double Agents. Wowsers. Who does that kind of stuff? It would have been far easier just to frame me for some sort of drug deal. I'm nobody.

That takes my back to the first possibility as being the best one. I'll have hit the jackpot in the wildest sort of way if anything else turns out to be true.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh, your impressions and speculations lack only the information and facts to, as Rozita would say,"PROVE IT"!

TXBluesMan you're right to keep your blog ongoing and I hope your view on Judge Walther ruling are given full expose` on your 'Coram non Judice' blog.

The Pharisee said...

What I said about the ownership of the blog "What Princess says Goes" is not proven, but I'd consider that what I've said about the "MySpace" accounts is.

From there it's a short jump to make the conclusion that the above blog is hers too.

If not, someone is wasting an awful lot of time trying to make fun of a nobody in Vermont.

Why said...

Just to let you know, I am a very anti-CPS poster. I do follow your blog.

I live in the Chicago area - most people on the SLTrib blog know my location - I mentioned it before.
(They also know other details about which I did not mention).

So if you get hits from Chicago (or outside - it's me).

If an anti-FLDS poster is posting from Chicago - let me know because this would be creepy.

As for who wrote Rozita's blog - I have a theory about this.

I'm guessing this isn't the first time she just happened to help LE.

Her foster mother probably knows other social workers. Rozita is probably the go-to girl when they want to conduct illegal searches.

As for the double agent thing - it does happen. They send people into PETA and organizations like that to monitor their activities.

I wouldn't be shocked if it didn't happen here.

Though it's the anti-polygamy activists they should keep an eye on. The anti-CPS posters have NEVER advocated any violence.

The Pharisee said...

It's been theorized that Rozita is something of a Narc or works with police in some way.

Someone has to get her under oath to have any hope of discovering that. I hope when this is over, the FLDS sue her. There won't be any money but it would prevent her from getting money for selling her story someday, and it would have the benefit of discovering how deep or shallow her involvement has been.

Why said...

Here's another theory - shrinks are supposed to keep their information confidential.

I bet there are some who don't like this rule and search for ways around it.

I think that's when they tap Rozita.

I'm STILL wondering why Rozita called those other shelters.

Do she really call and pretend she was Sarah or were those workers at the Shelter part of her network?

Maybe those call were really discussions on how to proceed the with hoax.

I can't think of any connection the FLDS has with Washington State.

The only connection I was able to find is that Ellisa has relatives in the State. Also, the poster Deb Lee is supposed to live there.

Why in the world, would Ellisa call Washington?

Dale Kemp said...

I've been browsing through Rozita's blog. Sheesh, she's just a little bit looney on some days. Is she bipolar?

The Pharisee said...

Diagnosing someone not as a physician and over the internet based on experience? I'd say yeah. More THAT, than what her lawyer is trying to pass off as her illness, provided she has one.

It seems more that she is just a garden variety sociopath. She entirely lacks empathy. All her overt shows of empathy are really about an internal agenda which ties to her supposed or real abuse that she alleges her father committed against her.