Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Resigns, at the end of this month - UPDATED

I'm guessing you can't run for President and run Alaska. The resignation will be effective July 26th. Time differences, distance, all of that figures into decision I am sure. Don't be surprised entirely if she shows up in some major GOP post like replacing likable but ineffective Michael Steele.

UPDATE: The Anchorage Daily News has some speculating in the same fashion as I did earlier:
"Republican Party of Alaska Chairman Randy Ruedrich reacted with 'complete surprise' to Palin's decision to step down.

But he said it could free Palin up to spread her message. 'For the governor to make any statement in person in the Lower 48 is at least a six-hour plane trip to the central U.S.'

'She can become a much more functional spokesman for Alaska working from a more southerly location,' Ruedrich said."
Randy Ruedrich and I are explaining Sarah's actions in the same way, but as time passes and no confirming voices join Governor Palin, it's looking more like she crumbled under pressure, which I honestly hope is not the case. With Republican hopefuls in the 2012 Presidential race being taken out left and right, Palin crumbling under fire would not be a good sign for the party in general. Listening to the News Conference also seems to reveal a woman who is profoundly angry and in a reactive mode, and just quit, without a plan.

William A. Jacobson at "Legal Insurrection" has an interesting take as well.

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Vulture said...

It seems to me that she finally had enough of the grotesque ad-hominem attacks on her family.

I've never seen anything like this in all my life. Elitists (from both parties) and leftist f-tards have ganged up on her and attacked her with unprecedented viciousness. It's sad, because she has obvious political skills and would be someone the anti-Statists among us could support.

The Pharisee said...

Let's put it this way, she'd better be running for President, or she's just quitting, and that you do not do in politics.

Since there is no clamor of supportive voices from the insiders in the GOP, choices are now that she caved/quit or is running for President.

If she was replacing Michael Steele she would have had that chorus of support.

I agree that the attacks have been unprecedented and vicious

Carol said...

I tend to agree with "Vulture."
I have never seen such attacks and to attack her children?
IMHO, very humble indeed, I think she has thrown in the towel to protect the children.
I am sorry to see her called a quitter, but I think I would do the same if my daughters and my special child were being attacked the way hers are.
If and when she leaves politics, I hope she will sue the leftists who have posted pictures and Dave Letterman the first!