Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Angel One, here we come!" Men an endangered species?

Believe it. Maybe men will disappear, maybe the FLDS will use the science to breed more wives. Maybe we're in a Star Trek episode.
The Telegraph - "Human stem cells are being used to create ersatz sperm, whose effects are real.Within 10 years, the scientists say the technique could also be used to allow infertile couples to have children that are genetically their own. It could even be possible to create sperm from female stem cells, they say, which would ultimately mean a woman having a baby without a man."
Men after all, are beasts. Didn't former Colorado Representative Patricia Schroeder tell you that? Hasn't Judge Sonia Sotomayor told you this as well?
"In the technique developed at Newcastle University, stem cells with XY chromosomes – containing both male and female characteristics – were developed.

A laser was used to separate and isolate the male stem cells and they were then grown in a dish. Researchers saw the cells split and divide, then eventually push out a tail and head and begin to move.

These were shown to produce fully mature, functional sperm, they say."
Men are not necesary? Time Magazine's cover story this week by Caitlin Flanagan, disputes the claim.
"Few things hamper a child as much as not having a father at home. 'As a feminist, I didn't want to believe it,' says Maria Kefalas, a sociologist who studies marriage and family issues and co-authored a seminal book on low-income mothers called Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage. 'Women always tell me, "I can be a mother and a father to a child," but it's not true.' Growing up without a father has a deep psychological effect on a child. 'The mom may not need that man,' Kefalas says, 'but her children still do.' "
There is a certain sort of radical feminist that drives political agendas that will in fact make every effort to delete men from the gene pool now that it appears possible to do so. Will God permit that? I seriously doubt that a no men world will be the coming apocalypse, but it may play a part. Men continue to be marginalized. Maybe we'll be kept around as a safety valve in case gene machines break down.

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