Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Man, a Woman and Another Woman, and Murder.

And suicide? I would probably have told you three things about Steve McNair if you asked. He did everything asked of him to win Super Bowl XXXIV but the Titans fell short (that's not Steve pictured) after dominating the game in every statistical category except the scoreboard.
The other two? He seemed to be able to play no matter what injury plagued him, often not practicing all week, showing up on game day and still turning in an effort required of him. Off the field it was alcohol, guns, cars and finally another woman entering the mix.

"After another playoff loss in 2002, McNair was arrested for DUI and illegal gun possession in May 2003. His blood alcohol was above 0.10, and a 9-mm handgun had been sitting in the front of the car."
This served as a foreshadowing of his own death.
(CNN) - "Police said they found McNair and a woman identified as Sahel Kazemi shot to death after receiving a phone call about an injured person.

McNair's body was found seated on a living room sofa, authorities said.

Kazemi sustained a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said. Police also said a pistol was found near her body."
The Tennessean adds the detail that Steve had been shot several times.
"McNair, a hometown hero who did extensive charity work in Nashville, had several gunshot wounds, including one to the head."
Since Ms. Kazemi (her Facebook page?) had only been shot once in the head, initial indicators say she shot Steve, and then herself.

It's hard to believe that McNair's wife Mechelle didn't know of his off the field endeavors, including other women. Often wives of famous men stay with them because of the security and status they provide, winking by not "knowing" about their private indiscretions. This is Governor Mark Sanford all over again, with guns and alcohol and a much younger woman, ending not in political suicide, but death.

Murder, lying, secrecy and substance abuse are not excused by the legitimacy of polygyny, but it's sad to see this happen to Mr. McNair and I have to openly wonder at what set the chain of events off, apart from men and women's sinful nature. Steve probably told Ms. Kazemi something she did not want to hear, probably "I'm going back to my wife" and his concubine shot him, then herself. At this point that's the best scenario that can be hoped for.

Steve had just opened a restaurant last month called the "Gridiron 9."

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