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The Confession of Marty Braemer, It's Adultery (UPDATED AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN...)

Honestly, I have wrestled with this, but am done with it, (sadly no, see the above).
The former Pastor of Fords Bush Bible Church has been linked to an elementary school teacher (teacher/librarian?) at the school he founded.

During my back and forth debates with the Rev. Braemer at the "Fighting Fundamentalist Forums," I extracted an admission of past "fornication" with a girl when he was a much younger man, probably in High School. I sent Marty an email yesterday, he is responding, but he will (did) not (initially) address this:
"(Name removed) is your rumored liaison. Please confirm or deny or I will research and publish. You've abandoned a woman before Marty, don't hide behind this one."
Marty was as visibly distressed by the claim on my part that he had abandoned a woman as one can possibly be in an internet forum, where all you have is typeset to convey feelings. He essentially begged me to stop saying that and did confirm his sexual indiscretion as a young man. Marty replied to me today at 2:10 PM
"I was not aware you were a member of the Fords Bush Bible Church. Those that need to know the details of this situation (family, board members, staff, pastoral council, church members) do. I have resigned."
We all sin and I do too. Deep and accurate investigation into my past will reveal some very untidy bits, not the least of which have to do with my divorce. Though an advocate of polygyny, I am not a "cheater" even in a monogamists way of looking at things, either in my first marriage, or in this one. I do not wish to convey the picture that I don't fail, or won't fail again.

Marty is now accused of gross hypocrisy and appears to be hiding his sin, for which he may have been stoned to death in Old Testament times. It would appear that (his lover) is married. I was excoriated by Marty for my beliefs on marriage and I returned fire accusing him of "probably having as many or more women as sex partners" than I have had. I based this only on probability and said so. It turned out he had two women, at least, his wife, and his past indiscretion. Marty has now it seems, slept with more women in his life than I have. Apparently as many in this last year as I have in my life. He's married only one of them.

Marty's last comment to me when told him I ran with the story:
"Outing on information already known. Ooookay..."
So he admits it. So far as I know only one blogger had the story and outted him, that was me. "Upstream," a blogger (now defunct) I followed, had some background. Dan based his knowledge of the participants on that which was published in this blog. Another blog following the story, Conservative Babylon, hasn't updated their story and hasn't named adultery as the issue, much less who was involved. They mention what I have as a suspicion, though a small one, that this could be a congregation flooding gimmick. My background information though says no. There are some details I will not mention as those details would reveal and hurt innocent bystanders.

Christian School Confidential continues to follow the story but the partner in Marty's adultery was broken here. I knew (his lover's) name yesterday and held back out of concern for Marty and his possible innocent bystander librarian who could have become collateral damage.

The Fighting Fundamental Forum (from which I was banned) has started a thread on this post which refers to the FFF. So now a feedback loop of the most perversely interesting kind has begun.

MORE UPDATES: I am beginning to get contacts from people who are distressed by the publicity. They only confirm in oblique or more direct ways that the liaison between Marty and (his lover) did indeed take place. I would remind them who Marty is, and what scripture says about elders who fall. 1st Timothy 5:19&20:
"Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses. Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear."
Another fascinating development. Marty has a functioning "Blogger" account, and of course, a blog to go with it. He's neglected it for three years. I don't know if he can still access it. Nevertheless, he has made several posts there, including one about Bob Gray called "Accountability." You can go there and comment on that post, and ask Marty. Marty may never see those posts at "Pastor Marty's Pulpit," unless he is alerted by a friend. It has a strange surreal quality it. A deserted pulpit.

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The Pharisee said...

Cached pages of the Fords Bush Bible Church seemed to indicate she was a teacher, I'll go back and look and make the necessary corrections, if necessary. You're probably right.