Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Plea Deal for Allen Steed, is Utah pleading "Nolo?"

Utah has been grasping for some kind of deal with Allen Steed. Steed's attorneys politely listen it would seem, and say "no deal."
"Steed was due in court on Tuesday for what was calendared as a 'special setting resolution' hearing, but his attorney, Jim Bradshaw, told KSL NewsRadio that no plea deal had been reached.

'We tried to, but didn't quite get there,' he said. 'We've had some discussions but we haven't finalized everything yet.'

Instead, 5th District Court records show that lawyers discussed the statute of limitations on rape and the defense indicated it planned to file a motion seeking to dismiss the criminal charge. An evidence hearing will be scheduled in the case, court minutes said."
Initially, the article makes it sound as if Jim Bradshaw was trying to plead Allen out, but we don't know to what charge. There is no indication that it would have been a crime of a sexual nature.

More significant is the discussion of the statute of limitations and the impending plan by the defense to make a motion to dismiss. Is it Utah's plan to let the statute of limitations angle work for Allen and then try to gain the traction in Warren's case that the only reason the principle figure in Elissa's "rape" wasn't convicted, was that the statute ran out? A sort of "nolo" plea for the prosecution?

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