Monday, July 06, 2009

Records Set! Benchmarks Exceeded! (Whatever)

To my constant astonishment, the Modern Pharisee continues to grow.
If you look at this post some day in the future, it may not reflect the numbers you see now. Indeed, if I am forced into a hiatus as may very well occur, then numbers will certainly drop. As of today though, the Modern Pharisee ranks in the following ways:

399,885th 397,552nd in the world. This means there are 399,884 397,551 web sites with better numbers than mine.

79,870th 79,169th in the United States. Most of the Pharisee's readers are in this country. Some comparisons:

Bill Medvecky's "Free the FLDS Children" currently outranks the Modern Pharisee. Bill continues to stay almost exclusively on the FLDS as a topic, and as soon as I branched out (there being no significant FLDS news of late), he shot up. There was a brief and shining moment when I was the leading FLDS centric site in the whole wide world, I now give that crown to Bill, for the time being at least, he is 355,853rd in the world, and 62,134th in the United States. It seems that there remains a lot of interest in the story, even with a dearth of news on the subject, so with him being the only one really "on it" other than Brooke Adams, he gets all the traffic. Anti FLDS sites don't really seem to count as it could be argued that Bill gets more traffic than all of them combined.

It's also possible that I may outrank all the reformed and Presbyterian conservative denominations rolled together. At least I outrank them all individually coming in ahead of them world wide, and also stateside. That's a significant accomplishment for a site with no resources plying unpopular topics, having no budget, no real earnings and one author.

I outrank in the United States a site called "Tektonics," an apologetic resource whose author has taken me to task in the past, often mentioning his site ranking as an indicator of how much more significant his work was. I'm not trying to open old wounds, I'm just saying.....

Tektonics "sister site" would have to be "Dee Dee" Warren's "Theologyweb." This again is in the United States only, and "Tweb" is trending downwards. World wide, like Tektonics, Tweb has more participants and readers. All of these sites that I mention do not approach the intense interest you the reader have showered the Pharisee with because I have an on site time rank of 9 minutes, exceeding by a factor of three all the sites I have mentioned above. You come, you stay, you read. I thank you.

I'm now within shooting distance of a blog I greatly respect, though I suspect Scott at Grits is markedly to the left of me on the political spectrum. Still, the FLDS subject revealed a lot of common libertarian ground between some left leaning bloggers and right leaning bloggers. It was refreshing to see. "GritsForBreakfast" ranks 307,831st world wide, and 74,327th in the United States. See what I mean by "Shooting Distance?" I never thought I'd be in the same league when he mentioned 14 months ago that I was "Pretty Animated" about the YFZ raid. One of the concerns Scott and I share would be that of prison. I'm probably considered by most to be to the extreme left of Grits, as I wouldn't have any. It's Biblical NOT to have prisons, look it up.

All of this may provide a reason to keep with blogging in the future, regardless of what restrictions might be imposed on me by those whose authority I must respect. We'll see. The view is nice up here. I'd like to stay awhile.

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Rick Beckman said...

Then there's my site,

16,157th in the United States, and 63,530th in the world.

Unfortunately, the bulk of that traffic is because of a WordPress plugin I wrote. Oh well. :)

The Pharisee said...

Whatever works!

Rick Beckman said...

Quite right. :)

The Pharisee said...

I was wondering how you did it.

Rick Beckman said...

Yep, the magic all happens at That one page gets more traffic than the rest of my site combined if my stats are telling me the truth. :)