Thursday, July 02, 2009

I think I'm at peace with it. UPDATED

It was a bad week to be famous.
Goodbye to the many celebrities who passed in the last 7 days, Karl Malden (Mladen George Sekulovich), (George Harvey) "Harve" Presnell, Farrah (Leni) Fawcett, and of course, Michael (Joseph) Jackson.

My apologies to any celebs I missed. (A reader below points out the sin of missing (William Darrell) Billy Mays Jr.!) It was tough to notice with Michael "Headlining" the obits. Hat tip to "Althouse."

For a different take altogether, try Michelle at Six Meat Buffet, who offers up this observation of Michael Jackson's death. Come on, we all thought it.
"The way I see it, asking us to remember Michael Jackson as a magnificent talent is like asking us to remember John Wayne Gacy for being a hilarious clown."
Read it all. Michelle points to Linda Stasi cutting loose at the New York Post. One of the reasons these people are paid to write (Stasi) is that they do it better than we do. Here's the evidence. Yes, we all thought it once again, but Linda says it with a little crack to the whip.
"(I)t's about time somebody had the nerve to say what millions of people must feel and believe about the once-talented black man who turned himself into a white woman before turning himself into a monster."
Now, can we have some real news?

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Erik said...

Can't forget Billie Mays!!! He died this past week too!!! Apparently had an enlarged heart!!!

(exclamations added in honor of his unique style)

The Pharisee said...