Friday, July 24, 2009

And this says I'm completely wrong.

Barbara Walther sets the trial dates for the FLDS defendants.
Which probably makes all my guessing wishful thinking. They cut Merrianne Jessop loose because they don't need her anymore.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "During the conference, (Judge Barbara) Walther said the pretrials would be held at 10 a.m. in San Angelo. Between now and the first trial, attorneys are looking at ways to get a jury pool from Schleicher County while having the trials in San Angelo.

Walther has yet to rule on the defendants’ motions filed in May to suppress evidence taken from the Yearning For Zion Ranch near Eldorado. An April 3, 2008, raid on the ranch led to the removal of more than 400 children from the ranch and the seizure of documents and other material."
Walther is going to the mat on this one. It would seem. I can't see how she would set trials for men against whom there is no evidence.

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Why said...

Yes, I think she is just giving herself enough time to write a brief.

If she was going to grant the motion she wouldn't worry about how it's written.

I also suspect Lindberg will refuse to give titles to people who practice polygamy.

Robert said...

Oh there is evidence, but for a crime for which they will never prosecute. Polygamy.

Everyone knows that is the issue driving the persecution.

Whatever evidence the prosecution has if they do not deal with that issue, they will have missed the underlying problem. Namely that they object to this lifestyle choice.

The Pharisee said...

All of which points to the need to have it be legal.

Carol said...

If the Centennial group is going to buy the land, how can give them title?

Why said...

Catholic charities receives a ton of Federal Aid which goes to help undocumented workers.

It's a Federal crime to aid undocumented workers.

In a few Southern States it's still officially illegal for unmarried people to live together but no one is taking away the assets of gay rights organizations.

karateka said...

Question for the Pharisee: On the trail of Rozita did you ever come across a Christopher Clark? Any idea who that might be, or why they might be helping her?


The Pharisee said...

The answer to that is "Yes." He's a bartender in Albion ID, and has made statements regarding Rozita that would make it appear she is his foster child. He had a MySpace page plastered with her pictures from Thanksgiving of 2008, some of which were from the "Ace Hardware" store in Burley ID. Rozita in turn commented on that MySpace page several times. I have copies of all of them. I am unable to publish them here because someone gripes that I am infringing on copyright, and again I don't have the wherewithal to dispute that.

According to alleged or claimed foster "mom" Mary Catharine Nelson, Ms. Nelson has been in the pacific northwest as well. There are a lot of confusing stories about Rozita's youth out there, and no one with the time and money has been willing to investigate them.

Why said...

I had mentioned those calls to Washington shelters may not have been calls for help but calls to discuss what Rozita would say to Texas.

Which got me thinking - remember the Internet search at the call in line for Barlow? What if it wasn't really for research to get potential names but Rozita was telling her to look up the history of this guy?

What if all those calls to the shelters were not about abuse but the shelter workers were in on the hoax?

Did you know the poster Rebeckah says she lives in the Spokane area?

Also, weren't there calls to Ft. Meyer's Florida? We don't hear too much about those calls. Since Bill M says he lives there, can he come about with a reason for contacting Florida?

The Pharisee said...

I believe Bill says those calls have something to do with places Warren Jeffs is said to have visited while he was "on the lam."

Why said...

Warren visted almost every State at one time or another. This doesn't explain why Rozita would call this State to report abuse about the FLDS?

I'm going to go on the paranoid side here. I have NO IDEA who Bill M is (I have no idea who you are either Hugh). But Bill M's language was offensive to just about everyone.

Some of his insults and crazy posts are actually harmful to the FLDS side. Liberals wouldn't like the dyke word and conservatives wouldn't like is filthy language in general.

Really think about what Bill M did during his posts. If he was actually working for "the other side" wouldn't some of his information be helpful?

I know for enviromental protests, sometimes the FBI sends someone to join the group to monitor the groups activities.

I see Bill M will be there on July 29.

The Pharisee said...

Yes, the intellectual lightweight that invented "Kwanzaa" was an FBI tool.

The Pharisee said...

For the record "Why," I am precisely who I say I am, the problem is, the answer to who I am, isn't important.

Because I'm not important.

karateka said...

>"The answer to that is "Yes." He's a bartender in Albion ID, and has made statements regarding Rozita that would make it appear she is his foster child."

Thanks for your research. I thought if anyone knew it would probably be you. If Colorado Springs is still trying to investigate her (big if there) he is probably the person they would want to contact. It looks like there is a Christopher G. Clark, and a Christopher R. Clark, both in Burley, according to Dexonline. Still, two is a pretty easy number to check.

The Pharisee said...

Chris Clark seemed not to know of Rozita's significance when I caught up with him.

He has since withdrawn from public contact. He seems to have published a number of pictures of Rozita without her knowing, and when the pictures were discovered by Rozita, he took them all off of his MySpace account. One must be very careful in dealing with him, he is not as yet what would be called a "public figure."