Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ezra Levant: Guantanamo Prisoners Treated better than FLDS?

Reflections on the raid, stuff you already know, with a little bit different spin to it.
"Canadian Lawyer - Imagine the apoplexy if a judge decided to try 'all those Muslims' in Guantanamo in a two-day circus. There are 437 kids in Walther’s holding pen, but only 280 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. And how are the prisoners’ respective religions treated? In Guantanamo, Muslims are served halal meals, meet with imams, and can pray five times a day. Walther permits her prisoners to pray only under the supervision of CPS monitors, who make sure prisoners don’t discusses their custody cases. Mothers are allowed 60 minutes a day with lawyers, and children are allowed just 30 minutes."

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