Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Calling the Motion to Suppress

Recuse is out. So what will Walther do?
Rumor has it she will rule this Friday. I'm going to call it ruling for the motion to suppress, just based on some intangibles leading up to the ruling. I could very easily be wrong, but I've been at the track so long on this one, it would be dishonest for me not to say what I'm thinking.

It may be the ultimate in foolishness to read anything into blogger TxBluesMan suddenly quitting, but I admit that influences me. To think he wouldn't hang around to crow victory with it so close strikes me as odd. He has also been privy to a few tips, either because he is a great internet researcher, or because he has connections and he just up and quit.

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Jam Inn said...

Hugh I shared with you weeks ago now that TBM was basically co-authoring the decision with Judge Walther's? He was doing all the legal research, case-law and providing the legal precedents, gratis and pro bono.
Seems the AG with their formal closing statement referenced the legal facts and basis to deny the motion. Most of Gerald Goldstein's argument is lost in conjectures, false impressions, half truths of facts and no solid evidence upon which a motion should be allowed/ruled. Once the ruling is made the Warrenites will basically be foiled, again, in attempting another Texas two-step and wasting the Court's time and resources. TBM far from being proven wrong or mistaken, will arrive with the ruling like the 9:00AM train pulling into the main track station on time and reliably on the right track, all aboard!

The Pharisee said...


Seriously, I do not recall a conversation with you in which you "Shared with me" that TBM was co-authoring the decision. Do you mind pointing out that to me?

As far as my 55 year old thinking goes, I brain-stormed that conclusion with a fellow blogger, but not you.

My reasoning is that Judge Walther (who I have a lot of respect for as a political operator) does not seem to have a judicial genius or mind set. Someone would have to help her concoct a decision that would stand up.

If this is has been done it is a rather serious undermining of Judge Walther's positions altogether. Judge Walther should have understood why she allowed the evidence, not have someone else explain to her why it is she did what she did. Having her opinion Ghost Written is a way of saying from the Bench "What HE said" or "Yeah, that's the ticket..."

I don't wish to get into the arguments for or against suppression at this moment. I'm trying to call the race from Vermont in practical terms. I can't see the comings and goings in Texas. I have no "PI" team in Texas, I have no special inside connections. I'm SPECULATING.

Walther has the problem of being flatly reversed as to cause already in this case and the criminal evidence is inextricably tied up in the processes used to obtain custody of the children.

I'm going to have to ask you again what you meant by your first remark framed as a question.

"I shared with you weeks ago now that TBM was basically co-authoring the decision with Judge Walther's?"

This is particularly interesting in view of a rumor (fairly well substantiated but not certain) that Walther has been in Austin and seen going in and out of Sheraton.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh it is my conspiracy theory that TXBluesMan is the covert advocate or volunteer legal clerk for the 51st District Court. My foil cap is stove piped shape and has a two foot high cap, the brim is rather mangled but the reception is just fine. I have to run i am receiving signals from Planet Oliblish, right next to Planet Kolob. More later.

The Pharisee said...

So what did you mean by you "sharing with me that TBM was basically co authoring the decision with Judge Walther?"

Your words.

Weird ones too.