Saturday, July 04, 2009

Palin Sailin' into Sunset?

Increasingly, it looks like Palin just took a hike. That's the superficial simple analysis, and there may be many more layers underneath that superficial appearance.
No one rushing to her side is the most telltale of all the signals. From the Daily Beast:
"(Gov. Sarah) Palin may have resigned from politics altogether. According to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Palin 'has told some of her biggest backers in the national Republican Party that they are free to choose other candidates for 2012.' But those choices are dwindling at a surprisingly rapid pace."
Believe me, I consider the sources, but those sources so far are without credible refutation. Normally when you're spinning a story, someone comes out to spin it your way, and the opposition spins it their way. Andrea Mitchell et al would seem to want to spin against the Governor, that's to be expected.

Newt Gingrich, Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, and the conservative Talk Show Hosts are all oblivious in advance, and few if any rush to her side. The timing was even such that Rush Limbaugh, who was on the air Friday, was off it, before she came to the microphone.

Geoffrey Dunn points out that she's done this before
, and assigns her the label of "Quitter."

I have been a fan of a "Palinesque" type candidate except not a fan of Palin being that candidate from the get go. To accept a woman as a leader for someone of such strict Biblical leanings as myself, is a defeat in and of itself. For that reason I am sure some of you will shout to me that I am a sexist. So be it. Only because she is a woman do I regard her as a poor choice, in all other ways I greatly respect her as a political figure and candidate (with the exception of being a quitter which I will avoid tying to her gender). I was afforded an out in the Presidential election as McCain's conquest of Montana looked and was certain. Voting there in the last election, I voted for Bob Barr and avoided the choice of McCain/Palin.

Conservatism is now in disarray having banked heavily on a mercurial political amateur as their best hope. There's still plenty of time before 2012, and Barrack Obama himself may be our biggest ally causing the electorate to pick anyone BUT him, in that cycle.

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ChristianFundyMom said...

Wow! The only post I have an issue with :P I felt, as a Christian woman who believes in Patriarchy, that Palin would have been fantastic for this country. I was excited for the fact that a woman, Christian woman at that, could succeed and not ride on the coat tails of her husband. There are so many women that are intelligent and talented women that are forced into homemaking and teaching because a man feels insecure about his wife being successful. I DO believe in certain roles should be excluded for a woman (mechanic, front lines in war, HEAD OF HOME etc.) but to say a woman should stay a doormat for the sake of her gender is selfish. We are ALL given abilities from a loving God and any man that holds a woman back because of HIS insecurities is NOT supporting his wife. We have NO idea what her home life was like. She might have been a submissive wife, building her husband up in prayer, nuturing to her children, etc. To punish her based on a gender is insane. The bible states we are made in the image of God ( Man and Woman) not just a man. No where in the bible does it say a man is MORE in God's image then a woman. And since we have been created equally in the image of God, I think it is safe to say we are equally important to God. ( Acts 2:17-18 Holy Spirit given to BOTH men and women and 1 Corinthians 12:7 BOTH men and women recieve spiritually gifts) I agree with you about having specific ROLES assigned to us through a Loving God in Heaven, however, I think a lot of men a skewed (especially in this community) about women are NOT doormats. They are to be loved and cherished. She is to nurtured and be able to grow. That is what is amazing about my life. I HAVE the abilities to really become a woman and so can number two.

This is why, as a Plural Wife, I try and stay out of the 'your a woman, shut your mouth and stay in the kitchen' circles. Christ treated woman with such love and graditude. It's amazing how some 'patriarchy' men get that screwed up...I am so thankful I have a husband who allows me to spread my wings, pursue Political Science, work outside the home, etc. SO very thankful that he is PROUD of me :)

Anyways, I really enjoy your blog! I like your passion and it excites me to see someone excited about Politics and Freedom, such as myself! Thank for continuing to blog with such vigor! One of your fans!

In Love
Me :)

The Pharisee said...

Thanks CFM, and I hope our few differences can be easily overlooked.