Saturday, July 25, 2009

John T. Floyd weighs in on the Motion to Suppress, and just about the whole case.

I really don't know where to begin. The article does not deserve comment, it deserves to be read. Here's just a tiny taste:
"Factual misrepresentations and misinformation are the thread that now bounds the FLDS case."
John ranges through the whole case in summary form and touches on the entire injustice of it, in all areas including the appearance of the FLDS before the Texas legislature. He hits on the cost, the comparative statistical frequency of child abuse and the duplicity of Ranger Brooks Long. Just go read it.

By the way, now that the arguments are in, and a Criminal Attorney has weighed in on the topic, I call all the "ANTI FLDS" bloggers who imply or claim they are legal eagles and lawyers and experts to be refuted. Simply put, until they tell us who they are, they're just loud cowards.

I no longer recognize "TxBluesMan" or "FLDSTexas" or "Ron in Houston" as having any standing or any valid opinion. John T. Floyd is a criminal law attorney, he's made this judgment armed with all the facts available on the record. He's qualified. I'll listen to qualified opinions thank you.

Own up, or go home, trolls.

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Jam Inn said...

I am no troll Hugh and 'fldstexas' blog does not have a manipulated 'site hit counter'. If you can read all the varied posters and opinions and conclude that a small group of people are behind the high trip count and dozens and dozens of daily postings then you convince yourself in your own misguided opinion. You seem to function on unfounded facts and half truths. Wait for the trials and the Truth will set you free and show you the degree of your self delusion(s).

So the 'fldstexas' blog came into existence and your half-baked attempt to launch some manly claim of 'Cowardice and Innuendo' falls flat. We have 500 to 1,000+ hits per day based upon relevancy of information, bona fide documentations and informed & credible opinions. We choose to stay on the Offensive, your attempt to question or place us on the defensive is useless. You have failed to post all of my postings on your blog and yet yours are posted on the 'fldstexas' blog, seem equal to you?

The Pharisee said...

Jam, my statistical comparison is based on the following:

Modern Pharisee

FLDS Texas

Coram Non Judice

This is a stat counter beyond the control of any of us, and publicly available. It measures unique vistors vs time on site, among other things.

The Modern Pharisee would outrank both sites combined. I don't get a large number of comments.

The Modern Pharisee has accompanying demographic information, meaning the blog has enough open viewers that Alexa has been able to build a profile of the average viewer. Coram and FLDS Texas don't have available demographic information.

Those blogs are filled with comments by ANTI FLDS posters who in all likelihood are often the same poster masquerading as several different persona's, otherwise their site ranks would be higher, their time on site ratings would be higher, and demographic information would be available.

As a group you are best characterized by the word "Trolls."

No one knows who YOU are.

No one knows who "Blues" is.

No one knows who "FLDS Texas" is.

No one knows who "Ron" is.

No one knows if any of you are lawyers or in the legal profession.

You are all the embodiment of the word "Troll."

I don't publish all of your posts because some of them go way over the edge and simply don't deserve the light of day. If you feel you have a though that has gone unsaid at this blog, and would like to frame it in terms that are rational and make sense, by all means, compose it, send it, and I'll publish it. I'd hate to think a relevant remark, even one I disagree with, should not be on the record.

But frankly, whoever you are, you've gone over the edge on more than one occasion and I simply chose not to publish your nonsense.

Jam Inn said...

John T. Floyd is engaged as a Counselof for a FLDS member, his writings draws no postings either and going off the edge seems to be your penchant with conspiracy theory(s). Do you want to follow up on the Police in Utah/Texas are 'witch hunting' FLDS attorneys and making false attests? Wally Bugden pleaded out and Mindy Montford charge was dismissed, with no arresting Officer impropriety sited. Another McBryde conspiracy laid to rest without any proof.

Vulture said...

Get a load of "Jam Inn" (whoever that might be)! Oh, did the nasty old Pharisee offend your delicate sensibilities? Tough noogies!

I've personally experienced the piling on that goes on over at Caput Penitus Culus, and the Pharisee's comments in this post are baby taps compared to the name calling, innuendo, outrageous accusations, and put downs that those clowns engage in against anyone who doesn't toe the Caput a Palus line.

Grow up! Your opinion (and that of the head palus) are NOT the only valid opinions out there. For all we know, the Caput a Palus is a 50-year-old virgin living in his mom's basement.

You want a second opinion? Here it is - he's a coward. A low-life, sniveling coward.

There. Happy now?

The Pharisee said...

Jam, the point of the remark about comments on those various blogs is, those sites have low viewership, but ferocious response to each blog entry.

It spells SPAM. Or Troll.

If of course John T. Floyd represents an FLDS member, I'd like to know which one. I'm not disputing your claim but I was unaware he represented any FLDS member or more importantly, one involved in criminal prosecution.

Vulture said...

At least John T. Floyd doesn't hide behind anonymity. Who does the Caput a Palus work for? CPS perhaps? Who knows...because the mama's boy won't reveal who he is.

I think that's at least part of the Pharisee's point, along with the fact that someone (regardless of affiliation) HAS written about the case in his own freakin' name

Jam Inn said...

Vulture if you want to see a Mama's boy you need look to Warren S. Jeffs and his band of Merry Mean Men. There's no bigger example of cowardice than a person whom runs when confronted with a formidable force, like the day the YFZ Removal began and the Priesthood men ran their yellow banner up the flagpole for all to see(including their sons) and lead by their Bishop F. Merril Jessop. It took warrants for their arrests to get the priesthood men to come forward, at least they didn't tuck their tails and run like their Prophet.

Your name I take it is 'John Doe' Vulture?

The Pharisee said...

Jam, if you look closely at Vulture's blog, which clearly you haven't, he identifies himself for who he is. Just like I do.

Xorphshire said...

"Caput a Palus" LOL. I like that one, Vulture, even though I have no clue what it means.

While I don't follow the legalities of this very well, I'm more at home analyzing the psychological aspects of it. Jam and most of the rest of the anti-FLDS crew are indeed cowards.

By all evidence, they are literally AFRAID of the FLDS. If I ever start a blog, it will be based on this theme. Nobody can attack as they do -- and as jam says, "stay on the offensive" without fear being driving force. This is a "destroy or be destroyed" mentality. It's for damn sure nothing to do with protecting children and liberating women as I'm sure they'll argue.

Tell us about it jam. What scares you about the FLDS?

Jam Inn said...

Hhhmmmm.....what scares me about the FLDS Church, hhhmmmnn....Let's see their Prophet Warren S. Jeffs is jailed but still leading his congregation. Soon Tony Alamo will be sentenced and he will remain in charge of Alamoministries. Maybe, it's scary to think convicted felons are allowed to lead there churches from the penitentiary. The Mexican Mafia has organizational control of some jails kind of like La Cosa Nostra, back in the day. It greatly concerns me that crime organizations can operate from our prison system. I am afraid that the Federal Government will end this Summer Session and again fail to enact or fund Senator Harry Reid's pending bill to create a task-force to stop RICO and Mann Act activities by the FLDS Church.
I am afraid that the pending "Dirty Dozen" indictments will not ignite Public/Press outrage on the organized crime wave that has hit Schleicher County with 12 men indicted on 27 charges from a Christian enclave. My biggest fear is one of the nine teen age girls named under the sexual abuse charges will be denied a fair and just trial and they would be denied Justice in our Court of Law. I pray the the Truth and crimes will be exposed and the guilty will face their fair punishment under the Law & Order of this grat Nation.

Oh, your topic of cowardice falls flat with me you see because I'm a decorated Veteran with an Air Medal, Humanitarian Award and Meritorious Service Medal as a USAF Pilot. Care to give us your military term of service, Xorpshire?

The Pharisee said...


And I'm really Neil Armstrong. Seriously I don't doubt you but it doesn't matter without a name.

We're tired of Trolls. If you are all that and a bag of chips, why not step into the light? Like ME.

Vulture said...

I'm a decorated Veteran with an Air Medal, Humanitarian Award and Meritorious Service Medal as a USAF Pilot.

So YOU say. For all we know, you could be a cross-dresser working at a hair salon. Because...wait for maintaining the cloak of anonymity that all of you FLDS bashers hide behind, there is no way of knowing what's true or not regarding you or your person.

Go to my blog. My name is in plain sight. My city of residence as well. A mugshot of my old, tired face is displayed for all to see. I speak my mind AND I do it in the light of day, in my own voice, without hiding behind the skirts of anonymity.

The same is true of The Pharisee.

Care to explain why none - NONE! - of you will do the same?

Xorphshire said...

OK Jam. Does this mean that you attack these same alleged crimes (whether proven or not) in any other society?

If any other place in mainstream America were shown to have real victims (not the State generated kind) would you gnash and froth at the mouth with the same vehemence you do against the FLDS?

Also, what does "military term of service" have to do with anything? Does your rage and fear make you wish you could be a part of a military strike against the FLDS?

The Pharisee said...

Jam's last proposed posting to this thread was simply a litany of how bad Jam thought the FLDS "Cult" and it's leadership is. So it won't appear.

For one thing the FLDS does not fit my definition of a cult. It's been around too long, and if they are a cult so are the LDS. The FLDS would just be a somewhat younger similar cult.

I regard the FLDS as a false religion. They doubtless regard mine as false. I don't think the LDS or it's offshoots are going away because of what they say about the United States of America as a land, and people will always be attracted to that message.

Jam, I suggest you move away from character assassination. I have told you that I regard the 12 as doubtless guilty of the crimes they have been charged with. I regard the way which those crimes were discovered to be disqualifying. We protect them to protect ourselves.

Furthermore, even though it could be a worse crime that are protected behind the veil of procedure, I would still stand beside them though I would be far more uncomfortable.

Fortunately the FLDS are not that heinous. No one is rushing forth from their fold in relief to escape their abuse even 18 months after the raid. They believe what they want to believe, they are as sincere as humanly possible in that regard. They practice polygyny which I do not regard as wrong. They practice early age marriage and betrothal, which I do not think is wrong. Their members, young and old, by and large stick to this life and belief.

This is a very local issue, local to their community. Despite stories, they do not murder, they do not steal, they do not mooch, and they work hard. They should be left alone.

I would admonish them to submit to worldly authority as the Apostle Paul directed but they choose not to, and I believe this is a large source of their trouble. Still, there never should have been arrest in the first place.


So you finally read my comments on Ron's site (FLDSLEGAL - an anti-FLDS blog) and followed back to the source? Floyd posted in April 2008 that this raid was bad and warrant wasn't any good. He's a better lawyer than TexasBluesMan or Ron in Houston. (Ron can't even intimidate the local school board for crying sake and he's a specialist in family/juvenile abuse law, I'm led to believe from his blog.)

The Pharisee said...

I don't read FLDS Legal. I find comments by Ron to be more rational than comments by Blues, but that's not enough to make them rational enough to read.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh, Please don't fail to post my comment and then proceed to assign me the use of the word "cult". I refrain from using that word and you are simply putting that four-lettered word in my mouth and providing me with no means of defense. I find that word to be unnecessarily incendiary rhetoric.
FOUL, Hugh!

The Pharisee said...


This is my blog. I will publish what I wish to publish, though I will always endeavor to use Godly standards of behavior and justice in doing so. I will fail of course, and when I do, and it is pointed out, it is my fervent prayer that I will repent and apologize for that error.

You did however use the word "CULT" and I will be happy to forward to you, at your email address, the GMAIL notification of your post so that you can check that.

Here is your quote:

"Duane1 nuthin' is escalating with the FLDS cult when the move three States away to a new headquarters behind fences and build their Temple? Does your father store his guns at home or in his church?"