Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blogging Hiatus?

Boot Camp is Monday.
I will be doing something entirely different. Something secret. Something...mysterious. I'll be gone for most of August and then enduring a version of "Special High Intensity Training."

I had to go through a background check. I passed it again folks. Sorry to disappoint you but even though someone inserted a completely bogus "criminal record" into my background check, it didn't check out. There was no record of it in the county in question, and they know me there.

Odd that the offending firm that listed the supposed record was in Dallas.....

Depending on the demands of this new venture I may have time in the evening, and I may not. By the end of August I stand to have some time.

There are other things afoot and this too may dominate what free time I have left. I'll keep you posted. I figure on being busy at least one out of my four days left before I "ship out."

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