Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Utah Supreme Court gets it Right, and then WRONG

It is truly amazing that the decision was unanimous. The case must have been overwhelmingly wrong and clearly against the Laws of our land. Witness what the Utah Supreme Court had to say to Elissa Wall:
CNN - "We regret the effect our opinion today may have on the victim of the underlying crime, to whom we do not wish to cause additional pain," the court said. "However, we must ensure that the laws are applied evenly and appropriately, in this case as in every case."
After getting it spectacularly right, under extreme pressure to do the expedient in the Political Arena, the Utah Supreme court gets it just as spectacularly WRONG.

Hey! DUMMIES in the ROBES. Until there is a guilty verdict, THERE IS NO CRIME in this case. The question is not "WHO raped Elissa Wall," we KNOW who raped her if she WAS raped. The question is, "Was she RAPED?"

With no one convicted the answer is NO. Don't apologize to the witch, she fabricated evidence.

The above report calls this "shocking." Shocking? Guys, the decision was UNANIMOUS. Are you telling me that not one of CNN's legal experts could have seen this coming? I DID.

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karateka said...

I think it is shocking that the law was fairly applied to the FLDS. But, they seem to do pretty good at the higher levels where bigotry is hopefully less prevalent. 439-0 is now 440-0.

Fight Bigotry!