Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cooper - Krakauer - (Carolyn) Jessop - Toobin

I'm glad I watched the Arizona Attorney General's interview first (Terry Goddard). This interview oscillates between pathetic, to unbelievable to people simply emoting because they did not get their way. They're appalled, stunned, bewildered, blah, blah, blah. The decision was UNANIMOUS folks.

Watch it, then follow the link back and watch the Terry Goddard interview. The key thing AG Goddard says is that the Utah Supreme court decision was right, even though he is "disappointed."

I'm really convinced that a large portion of the behavior of both Arizona and Utah in prosecuting Warren is to protect Elissa Wall. She lied under oath and manufactured evidence She cannot go back to court without being tried (eventually) for perjury. Ok, it's not JUST to protect Elissa Wall, it's also to protect those who offered her as a credible witness and built the world's strangest prosecution around her.

Now go watch the Terry Goddard interview. Another thing, I wouldn't trust Anderson Cooper farther than I could throw him, he's clearly bought in as well. Why does NO ONE ask Jon how he knows about this "tape?" Why is he accepted as "Mr. Expert on the law and everything else under the sun?"

I'm going to repeat what I have said elsewhere. Upon reflection the decision of the Utah Supreme Court was codespeak for the fact that there should have been a directed verdict of "Not Guilty" after the prosecution rested. There was no case. Since the Judge failed to grant that motion, the Utah Supreme Court said that the Jury should have been instructed that what they (the Jury) saw as the prosecution's case was no case at all. The prosecution was trying to peer into Warren's soul, and absent Warren's public confession of what his state of mind was, there simply could be no determination of "Guilty."

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