Friday, July 02, 2010

A Trial Transcript Comparison (UPDATED)

Ron in Houston, whoever that is, claims (essentially) that I'm not very bright when it comes to my observation regarding the time it took to produce Raymond Jessop's trial transcript. Oh really?

While I realize the cases are different, it is likely that the trial transcript of former Congressman William "Cold Cash" Jefferson is a bit more complex. From an article appearing in the "Times-Picayune."
"A federal appeals court Friday rejected a request from the court reporter in the corruption case of former Congressman William Jefferson for a one-year extension to produce the trial transcript required for the appeal to move forward.

The court reporter, Michael Rodriquez, missed a March 23 deadline to produce the 6,500-page transcript from last summer's eight-week trial, and recently asked that he be given until May, 11, 2011, to produce the document.

'It is my strong belief that the extension of time requested would be sufficient to complete the transcripts requested in this case,' he wrote the court.

In a two-line order, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., gave him until June 23 (UPDATE:  As of 07/02/2010 the transcript is now filed for William Jefferson), warning of financial sanctions if he asks for more time.

'Further requests for extension and waiver will be viewed with disfavor by this court,' the court order said.

Jefferson, who turned 63 in March, remains free, pending resolution of the appeal of the guilty verdicts returned by a Virginia jury last August on 11 of the 16 counts charged by the Justice Department."
I guess it's who you know, and who you used to be. Raymond Jessop isn't a former US Congressman, William Jefferson is.

I also can't sort out a comparison between the Jessop trial and the Jefferson trial when it comes to why William Jefferson has an appeal filed, but no transcript, or even why it is that "Cold Cash" Jefferson can be free, pending an appeal, and Raymond is in a Texas Prison.

Nevertheless, Raymond Jessop was convicted on November 6th, 2009, his transcript showed up in about 8 months, and William Jefferson's conviction was in August of 2009, and his transcript had an imposed deadline by the appeals court of March 23rd, 2010. A deadline that was missed.

A 6500 page transcript. William Jefferson was CONVICTED on August 11th, and sentenced about the same time that Raymond Jessop was. I also can't tell you if the sentencing was included in the transcript. Nevertheless we have the better part of August, until March 23rd of this year, about EIGHT and a HALF months for a 6500 page transcript to be produced, and an angry Judge demanding that it be produced, and crankily extending the deadline to about a week ago, for William Jefferson. Even less time if you account for the sentencing of William Jefferson took place after Raymond Jessop was sentenced.

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Jefferson was a congressman, I think that says it all...

Ron in Houston said...

Your ignorance was in blaming it on Barbara Walther. The transcript is due within a certain time frame. It is then up to the court of appeals whether they'll grant an extension or not.

Obviously some court reporters work harder than others and that's one variable in the equation. It took the time it did because the court reporter was either busy or lazy not because of some vast conspiracy to screw the FLDS.

The Pharisee said...


And your "ignorance" is in thinking I blame Walther. This is clearly organized. Walther is simply part of the plan.

They're ALL COOPERATING Ron. Her, her court reporter, the Texas AG's office, etc. If it is advantageous for Texas to slow down the appeals process, the Court Reporter is going to slow it down.

That's the point.

Then when someone points that out, a shill like you comes along and claims it's crazy conspiracy weirdo stuff to claim it's connected and planned.


It's all connected.

It's all planned.

Conspiracies of a certain sort are against the laws of this land for a reason Ron.

Conspiracies HAPPEN.

There is no law against me traveling to the moon. Get it?

This is a CONSPIRACY. The only question left is: Is it of an illegal variety?

I have said many times and it is true, law enforcement is conspiring ALL THE TIME to "Get" people. Usually it's completely legal and we want them to. I want them to conspire quietly to capture the local drug lord. They know that. They do that.

I just want them to do it within the law. YFZ is a case of LE going overboard and breaking the law themselves.

Ron in Houston said...

**Cue Twilight Zone Music**

The Pharisee said...

Yup, I see you have nothing then.

Ron in Houston said...

Honestly, who has "nothing"?

I can posit logical explanations for events. You rely on conspiracy theories of things unseen and unheard.

I can understand your affinity for the FLDS, you seem to want to rely on "coulda, shoulda, woulda."

The Pharisee said...

Yada Yada Ron.