Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now the right to a Speedy Trial is to Jeffs Advantage

So he asks for one.
There are a tangled morass of issues now. Texas "supposedly" wants Jeffs, I say "supposedly" because we haven't heard of a new filing for rendition/extradition yet. At this point I expect them to try. The Feds "supposedly" want Jeffs. I imagine Utah and Texas and the Feds are conspiring (in altogether legal fashion) on what is the best strategy to keep Warren legally locked up for as long as possible, ultimately with him ending up in Texas in Barbara Walther's court.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "Defense attorney Walter F. Bugden filed the request on Tuesday, hours after the Utah Supreme Court reversed Jeffs’ conviction and sent the case back for a new trial. The high court said Jeffs was denied a fair hearing because of faulty instructions given to jurors.

Bugden said that Jeffs has been 'incarcerated for many months' and has the right to have the case reheard as quickly as possible.

Judge James Shumate, who presided over Jeffs’ first trial, on Wednesday set a hearing on a retrial for 9 a.m. in St. George."
The FLDS strategy is to get the trial business done and over with in Utah prior to going to Texas or maybe even getting Warren out of jail (if only for a bit) while awaiting trial in Texas. Figure at some point in here there will be a bail hearing for Warren in Utah. I don't know what event comes first. Just figure it's possible that Warren could walk the streets, at least for a little bit, before meeting the witch in Texas.

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onthestreet said...


I saw a re-run of Anderson Cooper this morning with Carolyn J, Ron K, and Jeffrey T. It was very good. I thought all 3 were very well spoken and presented themselves and their views quite well”.

And this from Utah AG Mark Shitliff: “We now have to figure other ways to protect those girls”.

Here here...They were well rehearsed, made up (everything), and dobbed with mud, as the hue and cry continues with big allegator tears and appeals to false spirits of so-called compassion for the protection of the FLDS girls who want nothing to do with their sick brand of "protection". When Texas threw those same girls to the lions in the Collasium, they only spewed on these girls and made them live in squallor for two months, yelling like bloody demons that even their children were no longer theirs.
Their gross presumption and hypocrisy are so glaring and bold-faced, that no human dignity remains with their remains. Just the walking dead trying to make music with the clashing of cymbols for the itching ears of stupid and the guilty, while innocence endures in the FLDS Church.

The Pharisee said...

Yeah, I saw that.

John Gotti was well spoken, it means nothing.

What means something is the it was UNANIMOUS and the justices put language into the decision that stated they clearly did NOT want to do it. They simply were overwhelmed by force of law, and the decision was about as minimal as it could have been.

The jury should have been told what amounted to; "The Judge should have made a directed verdict of not guilty, and since he didn't, the jury should have been told that there's no way to prove what the prosecution was claiming was proved in court."

Get real people, even if we make Warren to be an utter beast, this was a bad prosecution and a dangerous precedent to let stand. I am greatly relieved that even in such a pressure cooker political environment, one that clearly affected the justices, they could not deny the law.