Sunday, July 25, 2010

Problems at Short Creek, this time a Raid that Works? (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

Dear FLDS:  When you get pictures like this, you're losing.
This is my take on it.

And I'm going to be overbroad, and probably get some of this wrong.

I'm going to combine this picture with a statement I found at another blog, paraphrased:
"Skilled professionals and mental health workers and mediators should be sent in to calm things down before more violence breaks out."
Essentially your enemies have been maneuverering to get pictures of trauma and distress in the media with you (the FLDS) as the villians, and they've done it.

This is "Then," the picture on the left,  is "Now."
Two men on one woman in broad daylight.

Freeze Frame. 

It doesn't matter what happened. She could have just hit one of the officers two seconds ago. She could have said I'm going to go get a gun from inside and shoot you. It could be just as it appears to be, excessive force applied to an outnumbered and physically inferior opponent.

On the one hand you have our first image where except for the Law Enforcement trappings, it could be a rape/abduction in broad daylight. On the other hand, in the next picture from two years ago we have big threatening law enforcement types herding women and children like cattle into an unseen place, like Auschwitz.

With the picture on the lower right burned into the minds of the public, the FLDS was winning. With the picture on the above left, they're not.

Now it's "Big Brutal FLDS Unfair Corrupt Law Enforcement with Guns Literally Beating Up on a Defenseless Woman," and it's recent.

America forgets.

They like the new.

YFZ was two years ago, the Creek is now.

You need only to watch the two Bush Presidents rise to insane levels of popularity and plunge to equally insane levels of disapproval inside of the same time frame to know you can easily lose a battle that you had won. The battle for hearts and minds.

America builds up, to tear down again.  They enjoy watching and doing both.

Back to the above quote (paraphrased). Now we have the "FLDS Goons" imagery and the mild volunteering meek mental health professionals need to go in and calm things down. Seek peace from compromise on "both sides." There will be jack booted thuggery involved, but this time the image of such oppression will be firmly fixed on the residents who are oppressing poor minority women (minority beliefs that is).

We'll have a duplication of YFZ with "Mental Health Workers" crawling all over the place, taking notes, documenting things they weren't supposedly there to document and trying to find crimes. All over again.

This will come with the "disincorporation" attempt on the Twin Cities. Don't be surprised if Federal Officers move in and close down city offices, confiscate everything (like the volunteer fire department raid) and you suddenly find yourself being policed by State Troopers of Utah and Arizona.

The subtleties of the UEP will be lost on the general public. It won't matter that the FLDS Church basically owned Hildale and Colorado City in completely legal fashion. It won't matter that they were essentially a sort of permanent ongoing church camp, where if you played by church rules, you got to stay, and if you didn't you'd have to go.

It won't matter that Bruce Wisan, as the fiduciary, has been provoking conflict, writing leases to "apostates" (read that unruly campers that have been ejected from camp) and attempting to defile food granaries with livestock feed. It won't matter because suburban America won't get it.

If the UEP was illegal, and the form of land ownership and sharing at the Creek were essentially illegal, that would have been addressed long ago, and the UEP trust would have been broken up. It's not illegal, so it had to be taken over, for the purposes of creating artificial confrontations. Bruce Wisan moves people into the "Church Camp" and has them continue their "misbehavior." The Judge involved states that land leases have the force of a "Court Order." Suddenly where there was relative peace and harmony, there is now conflict. Outright defiance of the Law.

Local police are corrupt (it doesn't matter if this is true or not, or why, see the first picture). They're beating up on helpless women. This is intolerable. We need a solution (goes the drumbeat).


All over again.

This time with the desired effect.

The FLDS as big mean bad guys raping young girls in basements. That, or something that can be made to appear heinous. The FBI and their functionaries learn from their mistakes. They learned from the Short Creek Raid over 50 years ago. They learned from YFZ two years ago. They're ready to try again.

Personally, I think it has a good chance of working.

Armed with the relentless marching convictions of FLDS men in Texas who have Sexually Assaulted Children and with new images of brutality, this time they'll do it right. It'll be wrong of course, but every "i" will have a dot, and every "t" will be crossed. You might even look at the Firehouse raid as practice. They probably gathered enough evidence there, to justify further action. Remember that evidence for arrests and raids need not be conclusive, just enough to raise suspicion.

This time they'll take everything.

UPDATE, I have the "Full Video," which is part of what clearly looks like a set up to me. It's not much of a kick, but the woman does kick at the officer before she's taken down.

It's childish really, instead of going, she resists, and climbs up on the roof of the truck. Frankly, they should have been harder on her to protect her safety, because swinging her around by the arm can dislocate it, and I think the officers were trying to use minimal force. In this case, a little more would have probably been better but the officers were dealing with an interfering officer. Mike Watkiss fans the flames by using the word "Bloodshed."

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Woot! said...

I'd just like to throw in that the lady was given 5 minutes to leave the property and was told repeatedly to leave before she was arrested. Before she even entered the property she was told she would be arrested if she entered (because there was a TRO with her name on it). She resisted arrest and therefore was taken down.

karateka said...

Woot - I agree with you that the police were in their rights (as near as I can tell) but MP's point remains the salient one. It is a "war losing" image.

Having said that, their is a huge contrast in the appearance and actions of the FLDS woman and the anti-FLDS woman.