Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Linking, but Linking

A while back, Brooke Adams pissed me off, and I've pretty much stayed that way. Yes, I can say "piss" since the King James Bible also says a variation of that word.

Brooke now runs "Wordpress" for her blog, and on rare occasions I take a trip to the "Dashboard" of my account with "The Plural Life" (now called "The Polygamy File") and observe.

Does Brooke know that as a pissed off enemy I am the primary driver of traffic to her blog? Either that, or the "feed" that shows on the dashboard is incomplete. Here's what it said when I checked today:
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Will Elissa Wall repeat herself and drop charges i ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "I won a book! From "Frienemy" Brooke at the Plural ..."
Toes linked here saying, "Neatly tucked away between her book giveaways, Bro ..."
MPB linked here saying, "Hm, I really wonder what strange and malicious tal ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "I figured it would end this way: "On February 5, 2 ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Of course he is a neutral party, not wasting money ..."
Toes linked here saying, "From the Plural Life's Weekly Twitter Updates: •Th ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "After taking an overly long time to decide what sh ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Brooke Adams is pointing to a ruling where it says ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Brooke Adams has a new post up at her blog involvi ..."
And I don't link that often, actually. The Polygamy File is not on my blogroll because she "Pisseth me off," but I dutifully link to items she posts and news she uncovers after a brief period of petulance where I didn't do that, merely mentioning instead where the material came from but not linking.

If I drive that much traffic to her just in blog posts where I link out of courtesy, think of how much traffic I would drive to her if she WAS on my blogroll.

Another thing, the remaining linkers coming into Brooke's Blog are all in the category of "Pro." Since I recently had it admitted to me by someone in a position to know that the "Antis" are in fact doped, this is further proof that despite the lofty rankings of the "Anti" FLDS bloggers, no one reads them really, because they link in too, but they don't show up and many of these links on my dashboard at Brooke's, are quite old.

So, to those blogging on the Anti side, no one cares what you think, and no one is reading it either. Except idiots like me.

And another thing, who is basically "pissing in the wind here?".

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