Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on Leroy Emack

Initial reports I received seemed to indicate that the extensive search for Leroy M. Emack by family and friends, resulted in his discovery.
The Great Falls Tribune has more details. Like most discoveries of most of the dead in that part of the river, it happened on it's own.
"Cascade County sheriff’s officials say the body of Leroy Emack of Hildale, was recovered from an intake at Rainbow Dam on Monday morning. An employee with PPL Montana, which operates the dam, spotted the body.

Emack was in Great Falls working a construction job at Malmstrom Air Force Base. He and two others entered the Missouri River in a 14-foot canoe on the evening of July 4. The canoe capsized. The other two people made it to shore, but the sheriff’s office says Emack drowned."
After about a week, the Missouri and the dam, gave up the dead, as they often do.

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