Saturday, July 10, 2010

Someone we know (UPDATED - Michael Emack's Child)

The name is being withheld, but it's someone we know.
The Great Falls Tribune - "A handful of trucks and trailers with Utah and Idaho license plates at the Rainbow Dam boat launch could indicate search efforts for a canoeist who has been missing since Sunday have resumed.

A base is set up at the boat launch with an awning covering several men with handheld radios, cases of Gatorade and some snack foods.

Only one boat was visible between the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and the boat launch, and one of the vehicles with Utah plates had a boat trailer on the back of it.

Two unidentified men at the boat launch base were operating a non-motorized canoe, and a truck pulled up around 11:30 a.m. with a four-pronged pole which is typically used to drag the bottom of a waterway.

The individuals at the base declined to comment, except to say that further information would need to come from the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. Ray Hitchcock of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment except to say that the county is not involved in the search.

Sheriff David Castle said the friends or family have 'every right' to hire a private search team.

Cascade County Search and Rescue called off the search on Tuesday.

The missing canoeist, who has not yet been identified, is a 21-year-old Utah man who was working in Great Falls."
Michael Emack is unable to be there to help.

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