Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey, TxBluesMan. MORON. Read this.

Five justices agree. You are the biggest legal whore in Texas, or you're a complete idiot.
You can't be an accomplice to a crime that you have not established has occurred in the first place. In other words, in the unique case of Elissa Wall, you have to establish she was raped, before you can find an accomplice to that rape:
The Daily Record - "Only after there is a determination that an offense has been committed can the law impose liability on another party who ' "solicited, request, commanded, encouraged or intentionally aided" in the commission of that offense,' the court's opinion states.

Steed was charged with rape the day after Jeffs' September 2007 conviction, but the case has languished and it's unclear how it might now proceed."
In their UNANIMOUS decision, the Supreme Court Rejects your patent idiocy. It wasn't a majority you pathetic idiot.




You sir (ma'am?) stand convicted of schilling for the prosecution, sacrificing all principle of law to weave a tapestry of bovine manure into the supposition that I was wrong, and you were right.





Got that you anonymous troll? Now, crawl back to where you came from. I don't want to hear "More" from "Ron" on the topic either. Cowards.

Totalitarians. Statists.

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Dale Kemp said...

Sweet justice for Mr. Jeffs I'm sure. What I'm not sure of is when he will be released. There's no way he can be convicted so I doubt there will even be a new trial.

He won't be extradited to Texas either. That hearing has been cancelled and won't be rescheduled.

So now a man that was once on the most wanted list will now walk free.

duaneh1 said...

Hugh, I don't agree with everything you write and what you did to Ron was unethical. In spite of his opinions about the FLDS and his mild bipolar disorder, it is apparent from his numerous posts that personally, he is a nice guy.

That being said, you do a great job of putting information together and are a great writer, which is why you give the anti-flds bigots such fits.

Finally, bluesman got pwned on the Warren Jeffs case and deserves everything you can throw at him. You are right and bluesey is wrong!


I_hate_bigots said...

On his/her site, someone threatened to call your employer.

Another poster threatened to call your wife.

I correctly suspected they knew this was going to be overturned.

Leaks happen. The strange behavior (resisting arrest and Lindberg's ruling) might have been the emotional reaction to this decision.

The anti-polygamy crowd tends to break laws they don't like.

They didn't like search laws, so they made up Sarah...

They didn't have enough evidence of widespread abuse so they made up broken bones.

They didn't like property laws so they threaten to shoot up a community.

I wonder if Lindberg knew of the decision - her ruling didn't make sense and it almost verged on hysterical (appointing a private person as a judge).

I don't think Dan is willing to let FLDS members live in peace - look for other dangerous behavior.

I_hate_bigots said...

Wow - I just read Ron's comments at TxBluesMan's site.

A lawyer shouldn't conduct themselves in public (and a blog is public) in such a manner.

Though it's up to the Texas bar to decide what is a violation of ethics - I would think at this point someone needs to look into this matter.

The Pharisee said...

Nice guy? Read this, LOL.

The Pharisee said...

IHB, sorry I didn't publish your comment earlier, but yes, there have been continual threats to call my employer, and I just lost my last job opportunity (that's two in a row in Montana) under mysterious circumstances. I can't say they aren't finding me and doing exactly that.

God is more mighty than my earthly enemies and I have secured employment.

Ron is threatening to hunt me down. For what? Reporting on who an anonymous character assassin was? The fact is with their anonymity they have no way to strike back at me, when I find them, unless they go below the belt because my chin is already exposed.