Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Allen Steed, delayed again.

Brooke Adams is reporting Allen Steeds "resolution" hearing has been put off, until next month.
In her blog report, Brooke alludes to a "plea" deal, and there may in fact be one in the works, except that this was said last summer, and it never materialized. A few court moves were made, and we're now a year from the last hint of a "deal." Keep in mind that a "resolution" hearing is very open in nature from what I have been able to discover. Basically both sides show their best offers to the judge without prejudice. The judge hears how far Allen might be willing to go as far a a guilty plea, and the prosecution reveals how far it is that they will move down in charges to get a conviction.

If for instance Allen says he might plead to some form of minor sexual charge short of rape, and the prosecution says they'll plead down to some form of misdemeanor charge of non sexual physical violence or threat of violence, or maybe kidnapping of some kind (you never know) then the judge knows there can be a deal. He doesn't tell either side what the best offer of the other is, but he does tell them they have hope of a deal. As far as either side knows their best offer is the other side's limit. All they know is there is room to deal.

Some of the signs going into this "deal" is that suddenly Elissa has made a low dollar amount offer to settle to the UEP trust, and Steed has hinted at some sort of deal, but it must not be much of one, in terms of his guilt. If there is no overlap in the highest crime that Allen will plead to and the lowest charge the prosecution will agree to, then there will have to be a trial. A trial that the prosecution seems to fear.

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