Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brooks "Pinocchio" Long and the Ever Evolving Texas Ribs story.

Brooke Adams has just gotten around to expanding on Lt. Long's ever lengthening nose problem, when it comes to "Sarah's" broken ribs.
Keep in mind that during this testimony in the middle of last month, it was finally established that Texas no longer believes that there was a Sarah. It became evident that they didn't every really believe in "Sarah" during that hearing before Walther either.
"During the hearing we learned that Texas Ranger Brooks Long told Warren Jeffs’ attorneys in December a sheriff’s deputy checked with the Schleicher County Medical Facility to see if a 'Sarah Jessop Barlow' had been treated there for broken ribs.

Then, during the hearing before Judge Barbara Walther, Long said he misspoke. It was actually the prosecutor’s office who checked for the medical records.

In any event, no records were found, Long said.

During the hearing, an investigator for defense attorney Gerald Goldstein testified that he checked with the medical facility and learned no one from law enforcement ever checked to see if a young woman had been treated there for broken ribs.

The facility’s medical records director provided an affidavit, given to the judge, to back her statement. The facility also reviewed records back to 2006 and found no such case.

So what to make of Long’s testimony? The state did not offer any explanation or clarification.

Long did said he did not consider the lack of records a red flag about the call’s veracity or important enough to mention to Walther. He was able to easily dismiss it because, he said, Doran suggested the FLDS likely used a fake name and age for the girl."
Long's Pinocchio style here is to heap lie upon lie. Now it wasn't him who checked, it was an um, deputy, uh yeah, that's the ticket. No wait, it was, um the prosecutors office, yeah, yeah, that's the ticket! And he has the deed to the London Bridge too, I'll bet.
"The Schleicher County Medical Facility has 14 beds, according to a December 2007 report by the American Hospital Association.

That year, there were 766 visits to the emergency room. That is less
than 3 patients a day."
Brooke goes on to enhance on a fact discovered by Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart. There were 766 visits to the Emergency Room at the Medical Center. A young teen with broken ribs in a small community would have stood out like a young teen from a small community with broken ribs.

For those of you who live your lives in the big city, let me emphasize this to you. They know EVERYONE in small towns at the hospital. You can't LIE about who you are. You might pull it off if you were from "out of town," but that underlines the event and makes it even more memorable. Brooke Adams, to her credit, touches on this lightly. It deserves though, the technique of the stomping foot. This is a virtually impossible thing to ask us to believe. They would have known at the medical center if she was "From Here (Eldorado)," "From There (YFZ)," or from out of town. I don't care how she identified herself.

The point is that if "Sarah" from YFZ goes into the less than three visit a day tiny Schleicher County Medical Center and anyone thinks she goes unnoticed, truly, they either don't know small towns, or they're stupid. The Liar telling you this might have happened is an audacious liar. It's a BIG LIE (Große Lüge) on the order of the Big Lie told by the Nazis. For Doran and Long to say they conferred and thought she might be lying about name and age is to tell you they think you'll fall for it. In small town America, this is a Transparent, Obvious, Audacious, BIG LIE. No one would tell a whopper THAT BIG, right? Not publically.

This also tells us that we're missing something. All summer long, "Toes" and I both wasted time on irrelevant details, as did the rest of the media, spent time on some relevant details but missed the audacity of Doran, Long, et al. They're just plain lying and it's reasonable to expect that they're nearly pathological about it (Brooks appears to be) and it's a virtual certainty they've told other obvious whoppers, not just this one. Every small detail of the case needs to be called into question and checked. I should have thought of this myself, right away, but in the fog of war and the unfamiliarity with the literal landscape of Schleicher county, I missed it. Just like almost everyone did. Warren's attorneys didn't.

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Lucille said...

The commenters on Brooke's thread are all hung up on "what if she lied about her name and age"?

But honestly? She could have introduced herself as Rebecca, or Elizabeth, or Catherine, or whatever name she chose, but that would not change the basic fact: a young woman -in FLDS garb- treated for broken ribs. That would be memorable, a distinct incident. Lying about her name would not change things. The rabid anti-FLDSers there are twisting and turning themselves into all sorts of rationalizations to avoid the obvious fact that the local LE lied to get the warrant.

The Pharisee said...

Yes, they're deliberately missing the points.

Long and Doran lied about checking up. That means they're covering up. What are they covering up? We can speculate but it's already a bad thing for them and Long had better hope his butt doesn't get called to Arizona.

Next point, it is documented, here on this blog and elsewhere that Long and Doran speculated prior to the raid that "Sarah may have lied about her age and name" and others speculated, including me that was the reason they couldn't find her in hospital records.

Since we strike the portion of the statement proven to be untrue, and have the right to assume that the rest of their statement MIGHT be true, it now reads like this:

"Sarah may have lied about her age and name..."

When did they say they thought she lied about her name and age, they were just saying they doubted her age and name themselves. They know she did not supply that information to the hospital because they didn't ask the hospital.

What are we left with? A clear acknowledgment on the part of Doran and Long that they doubted "Sarah's" name and age. That materially changes the whole warrant environment.

In that we know they do not believe her, why do they believe for instance, that a call from a Colorado Springs area cell phone, is coming from YFZ?

Why do they believe that it's coming from YFZ even if it's blocked? Have they NEVER had prank calls? Come on.

Wouldn't a judge, if supplied with these doubts have had the same doubts?

Why do two veteran law enforcement officials seem to choose to believe her? Why do they assemble a small army to back their play? All of these questions have no good answer for the survivability of the warrants.

It also looks like conspiracy, of at least a minor sort, that looks bad for the warrants as well.

As far as you can go outside the courtroom, I think conspiracy is already established. We're just investigating how extensive it was.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh a local in Eldorado states that your barking up the wrong tree on this entire issue and you haven't addressed the fact that the first search warrant was for the investigation of Sexual Assault of a Child and not just an Assault charge. Local Eldorado folks know that the medical facility of choice for the FLDS members is the one that accepts Medicaid/MediCare, which is San Angelo Shannon Medical Center. Check it out Mr. Super Sleuth and see if somebody there doesn't tell you an entirely different story about the investigation's thoroughness. Seems SCMC was the chosen medical center suggested by the New Bridge Shelter Operator and not the caller. You got all the locals laughing and scratching on this one. My point, again, is that Dr. Barlow's own medical records at the YFZ Ranch on prenatal and pregnancy of all teen mothers would be far more convincing evidence that an 8 month old baby and teen mother lived at the YFZ Ranch than one-time Emergency Room records? Do authorities now possess these records and are they privileged because the teens are minors? A conspiracy and "Big Lie" to me is telling Sheriff Doran there are 100+residents living within the YFZ Ranch, then changing your total to 250+residents are on the ranch and the official count ends up being over 550+ residents, that's a whopper of a LIE!

The Pharisee said...

I repeatedly address the issue of "sexual assault on a child" by pointing out that Long and Doran expressed disbelief that she was a child. Lying about her age calls into question her minor status.

The issue of San Angelo is irrelevant, because Long stated it was SCMC that was investigated. SCMC is the facility that "Sarah" cited. Who cares where most people go? Furthermore are you stating Long or a proxy investigated San Angelo? I think not. Are you stating Long said he investigated San Angelo? I think not.

You're not FROM Eldorado Jam, so quit acting like you know what the "locals" think.

It's simple. Long and Doran said they doubted "Sarah's" age as well as her name. In doubting her age how can they support a warrant for sexual assault on a child?

Jam Inn said...

Child McBryde the locals are all looking forward to the public hearing that will need to be held once the applied for 'tax exempt' status for the Temple and Bishop's residence is denied and the only recourse will be the hearing. At trial Dr. Barlow's medical records are going to be 'prima facie' evidence and not the SCMC medical records. The 'fundamental' problem, after the 'Motion to Suppress' is denied, is all the Press and Public furor that will result from the San Angelo Grand Jury indictments coming to trial in the Fall. YFZ Ranch cement works is running at full tilt but locals plan a boycott of cement users, to end this prophetable business.

The Pharisee said...



Jam, you didn't answer so I'm going to guess you have nothing, just as all rabid anti FLDS posters don't have much.

Long and Doran lied to help generate the warrant, that will eventually, be a key issue. Either before a conviction, or after one.

Don't be so sure there will be a conviction even if the evidence is kept in place long enough for a trial.

What I want to know is how many people are behind the multiple faced trolls that post against the FLDS?

To watch some blogs your numbers are legion, but to watch those blogs stats, your aliases are really the only things that are numerous.

Jam Inn said...

I assume you refer to the Kindred Spirits and you want a head count? I thought you had the answer with your average visitor profile? You're the one proclaiming to be at the 'Center of the FLDS Universe' of the blogosphere. You should be more cautious about using the "Pinocchio" analogy because the misbehaving boys all turned into 'jackasses' as the storyline unfolds. Your 'hoaxes' and 'conspiracies' now need facts, dates, eyewitnesses and detailed information before your credibility begins to grow long ears and 'HeeHaw'
I would suggest you check the blog counter at 'fldstexas', which since last February is approaching the 50K total of hits. So enjoin the "FLDS Central" status as your readership continues to drop.

The Pharisee said...


I use for comparative traffic ranking, the "Amazon.com" service "Alexa." It's universally available to anyone who browses the internet.

Some comparative rankings between the blog you refer to and mine. These rankings apply to all internet sites of any kind, ours just happen to be blogs.

FLDS Texas has a worldwide site rank of 1,660,955, the Modern Pharisee, 447,511. Both sites are trending upward. The "Modern Pharisee" has never trended downward though I would imagine that day is coming soon. I thought that would happen in January of this year, and I continue to trend upward, my biggest month being March, due to a "Instalanche" post on Obama.

US Rank for FLDS Texas is 248,038. The Modern Phrarisee, 87,262. That's bigger than all the sites devoting significant time to the FLDS situation. Period. Newspapers simply don't count because their content is always vastly skewed to other stories. For instance, the Salt Lake Tribune is hugely larger than my puny site, but they're a newspaper and their site content is hardly "FLDS Centric."

A word about numeric rankings. They are exponential in nature. Having a rank that is higher by half is not having twice as many viewers. It's probably having something like 10 times as many, or much more. As you get closer to the top you begin to run into sites that have millions of hits in an hour. Like Google.

Average time on site is a real clue as to origins of site viewers and readers. The Modern Pharisee has a stratospherically high 7.9 minutes per visit. That means people stop by and view the site and read it. The average "Pharisee" viewer goes to nearly 3 pages (2.9) prior to leaving the site. By contrast, FLDS Texas viewers stay for 2.3 minutes and view 1.9 pages.

Inbound links? Alexa has found none for FLDS Texas, which doesn't mean there aren't any sites linking it, it just means Alexa's "Bots" haven't crawled them yet. There are only 31 for the Modern Pharisee. Google ranks the "Modern Pharisee" as the first return on a search for that phrase, and places the site in a search for the single word "pharisee" on a first page result. Today for instance, this morning at least, I was google ranked second for a return on the search term "Pharisee."

Demographics? FLDS Texas hasn't been around long enough to develop a demographic profile for Alexa. The sites I find that are stridently ANTI polygyny and ANTI FLDS have trended heavily MALE though. Single men.

The Modern Pharisee's readers cluster overwhelmingly around 18-34 year old women, most of whom have children and browse from home. Demographically I am most similar in reader/viewership to the site/movement "Quiverfull."

The low site visit times and low page view numbers tell a reader of site stats that the site is most likely being "Churned." Namely, things are being done to stimulate the illusion of many visits, but it's an illusion. Some sites that have high cumulative visits but low site time also have numerous visits from foreign countries. That is one "churning" technique to create the illusion of popularity.

I am a complete idiot when it comes to sneaky ways to boost site viewership. If I was more savvy, the "Modern Pharisee" would no doubt cut a wider swath.

Lucille said...

a local in Eldorado

Ah, a local in El Dorado that you don't bother to name? How authoritative!

the first search warrant was for the investigation of Sexual Assault of a Child and not just an Assault charge.

The search warrant was based on "Sarah's" calls which alleged both beating and sexual assault; if LE was aware the calls were bogus at the time they obtained the warrant, then that can invalidate the warrant.

Local Eldorado folks know that the medical facility of choice for the FLDS members is the one that accepts Medicaid/MediCare, which is San Angelo Shannon Medical Center.

So what? As Hugh points out, the caller claimed she went elsewhere.

You got all the locals laughing and scratching on this one.

How would you know, considering you live in California? Why the heck do you keep talking about what El Dorado "locals" think?

be far more convincing evidence

LOL. Do Dr. Barlow's records also mention treating a teen for broken ribs?