Tuesday, June 02, 2009

FLDS Money "not accepted."

It's not enough for the FLDS to pay, they must pay acknowledging that Bruce Wisan is Goddess Almighty.
Hildale, AZ - "The Fundamentalist LDS Church paid a $192,600 bill to the Utah Attorney General's Office, but said it was doing so under protest.

Because of that, the accountant appointed by the courts to oversee the polygamous sect's real-estate holdings arm refused to accept it.

'My attorneys would not accept it under protest,' Bruce Wisan, the court-appointed special fiduciary of the United Effort Plan (UEP) Trust told KSL NewsRadio late Monday. 'That's a legal term I think it has to do with the right of them to go back and make a claim against the funds.'

The southern Utah-based polygamous sect said it paid the bill after a judge in Salt Lake City's 3rd District Court ordered it to or she would lift the stay on massive litigation over the UEP Trust."
The words that come to mind regarding Ms. Wisan? "Whining Attention Whore."

On another note, it appears that Ben Winslow whose byline appears on this story, has jumped from the Deseret News, to KSL. There is more coverage at the Salt Lake Tribune.

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