Saturday, June 27, 2009

Iran Election Fraud Proof.

100% of the vote? All those people in the streets and in 38 districts Ahmadinejad got 100% of the vote? NOT ONE VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE? President Obama KNOWS this is a fake, but maybe he doesn't mind rigged elections.

Hat tip to Medius Oriens which is turning out to be one of the better English language blogs on the subject of Iran. The writer is growing into the topic and makes some mistakes which are owned up to but seems to be doing the research in the Farsi blogs to bring stuff to the forefront.

The graphic and research comes from "Ayande News."

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Anonymous said...

why would you be shocked that elections in an Oligarchy, in an islamic country, would be rigged? There has never been an honest election in that part of the world. The closest they have had has been in Iraq, with USA oversight.

The Pharisee said...

I'm not shocked Professor Hale. It's sad but predictable and even to be expected. The only time an "Oligarchy" such as this one in Iran would report honest election results, would be if those honest election results didn't matter, or coincidentally were what they wanted them to be.

In having an election, even with the intent to defraud their people, the Iranian Government sought legitimacy through election, through the will of the governed, and have thus submitted themselves to that standard. By actually and demonstrably defrauding the Iranian people, they have made themselves outlaws.

I am a monarchist, not a federalist or a parlimentarian or a person in favor of democratic election. All other forms are legitimate forms of Government, but are not my preference. The only form of earthly Government set up by God other than his own direct rule, is that of monarchy.

Having said all that the declared form of Government in Iraq is that of free and honest election process. By depriving the people of this, the people have a legitimate beef and it is the despots that are shooting people in the streets, and the people in the streets are the legitimate representatives now of Iran.

President Barrack Obama is aware, or could be aware of all these things yet will not declare the former Government of Iraq to be outlaws and despots.