Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Son, under Hostile Fire

Today my son came under enemy fire.
In this country. He's an Army Recruiter. I am not joking. He says he'd be safer, in Iraq.

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Moonaroo said...

I have a brother who experienced this during Desert Storm. He got himself in trouble later when he carried over these disputes to a local bar. I hope that your son uses better judgement. It is a damn shame that a recruiter would be made to feel this way though.

The Pharisee said...


His judgment consisted of flooring it and running several stop signs.

ChristianFundyMom said...

This country is lost! I can't wait for a generation to rise up and say enough is enough...

It's a shame about your son. My husband is currently deployed..And you would be surprised at the treatment MY FAMILY gets from people..No help and definitely no compassion..It's sick!

In Christ