Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wally Was Wasted

Even if it is eventually shown that undue attention is being paid to attorneys representing the FLDS, Wally copped a plea and admitted that he was on the police blotter, because he was blotto.
The Salt Lake Tribune, June 12th, 2009-Utah News Section - "Walter 'Wally' Bugden, the attorney who represented polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs on charges of being an accomplice to rape for arranging an underage marriage, has agreed to a plea deal on charges of public intoxication.

Bugden was charged with a class C misdemeanor after Ivins police arrested him for intoxication on Feb. 7.

A clerk with the 5th District Justice Court in St. George on Friday said a pretrial hearing scheduled this week for Bugden was canceled after he agreed to a plea in abeyance on April 16 and paid a court fee of $182."
The case of Mindy Montford may not go as easily for Law Enforcement. It appears that for whatever reason the police showed up in Wally's case, he was Publicly Plastered.

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