Thursday, June 04, 2009

Curious detail from the Eldorado Success Story on Rozita.

Brooks Long floated the story that "Sarah's" visit to SCMC had been investigated.
It hadn't been.

In the page one story published in today's Eldorado Success, we are asked to believe that Rozita's computer was thoroughly searched. Since we can't believe a thing they say, was it searched? Just like the SCMC fakery, the result of the alleged search of Rozita's hard drive was "negative" for certain important terms.

Once before, as I have noted, we've been asked to believe that a search was conducted, and turned up nothing, by these same Texas Rangers. Right now, based on their track record I'd say they don't want us to look there.

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cheese said...

Once before, as I have noted, we've been asked to believe that a search was conducted, and turned up nothing, by these same Texas Rangers. Right now, based on their track record I'd say they don't want us to look there.

Which is why they have their "spin meister" do the write-up. I'm sure it's an attempt on damage control by Long and Doran. Maybe even had some input from Blues.

The Pharisee said...

"Blues" at least had to be tipped, because the "Success" is not a search able document. You can't even READ it on the internet in the current editions.

TxBluesMan said...


I subscribe to the Eldorado Success. They e-mail the PDF copy the day before the date shown on the paper...

Nice try though...

Jam Inn said...

Hugh the 'Eldorado Success' article only raises your suspicions on the investigative prowess of Ranger Kemp? Do you see anything, at all, about his presence at the apartment, or assisting in her arrest & interrogation, taking the computer to be given forensic lab examination and pouring over the cell phone records? Why he was only in Colorado Springs for 16 April, 2008 and left the next day. Did he leave without interviewing Becky Hoerth or Courtney Lamont Swinton, the (719) 243-2866 cell phone was registered to him?

The Pharisee said...

No blues, not a "nice try." What is a "nice try" is your attempt to portray my contentions here as being primarily about whether or not you have an inside track. I agreed with Cheese that I think you are an "insider" but apparently not for reasons connected with your knowledge of the Eldorado Success' content.

There are a number of things in the article which I speculated quite some time ago that are now confirmed.

One. Rozita is the caller. If she gave up denying it. All of your "followers" claiming I need to "prove it" need to be quiet now. Rozita was the caller.

Two. Ranger Kemp and I agree that Becky L. Hoerth knows something she is not saying. I'd think it's rather important to know what it is that she knows. It may be simply that she's a witness that doesn't want to talk, or she's involved. The extent of her involvement if any (BIG IF) is important. Becky Hoerth's sister works for homeland security and circumstantial evidence places Becky Hoerth's sister San Angelo several years before the raid.

Supposing that this sister was indeed in San Angelo, and supposing again that she was there contemporaneously with the FLDS, that becomes extremely interesting.

Swinton was in possession of information that makes her seem to be an extremely proficient investigator or someone who had help. Or both.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh you can't make me shut up about Rozita's innocence for simply two reasons, Ranger Kemp stated he believed she had made the calls but he can't prove it in a Court of Law, either. We need to voiceprint and ideally find someone who can witness to at least one of these numerous call-ins and testify to it being Rozita's voice, nobody so far. Secondly, that ole' "Innocent till Proven Guilty' axiom, so you're still on First Base with two outs and the Texas AG is given the bunt signal, Good Luck! 6,263 computer searches is a lot of research, time and work, all done by Rozita over how many months and months of time?
You still don't see any 'red flags' in Ranger's Kemp and Malone's one day Colorado visit?

The Pharisee said...

Jam, at this point if you're betting on the results of a voice print analysis to exonerate Rozita, you're grasping.

According to the article she gave up on the idea of denying she made the calls which was precisely the same pattern she used when she gave up denying she made the calls, the calls she later plead guilty to making, in Colorado.

First the tearful denials in a little girl voice, then the acknowledgment. Kemp, in the "Success" article, construes this cessation of denial as acknowledgment she made the calls, she never again asserts that she did not make the calls.

Rozita denies bald faced and then emotionally, and then shuts up. that's her pattern.

I'll tell you what YOU have to do with regard to me. To convince me that you are honest, you'll have to acknowledge that you think she probably (almost to the point of certainty) made those calls, or you're going to have to tell me how you know Rozita, so that you can convince me you have the special knowledge that explains how someone can call from her phones, sound like her, sounding like someone else so much so that only a voice print analysis would conclusively prove it wasn't her.

Jam Inn said...

Sweet reasons Hugh and here are but a few :
A. Courtney Lamont Swinton owns one of the cell phones.
B. Becky Hoerth was in the apartment and had cell phone access.
C. Some Press reports that conference/group calls were made from some of these numbers, three-party callers, tracer pings go back to only the host phone.
D. Cell phones traced to "Freddie Brinson" in Miami,FL for (615) 268-1232 and the billing address for (719)351-0913 is in Florida?
E. Where would Rozita get pix of Candi Shapley, 3-D CAM model of the YFZ Temple and a private phone roster for the YFZ Ranch?
Seems to me there is enough her to suggest that Rozita's "friend" and daughter in Texas must have shared this info.

The Pharisee said...


"A" is irrelevant. That's her drug dealing brother. Don't question me on his "professional" status, I've done the legwork. So Rozita used a phone her brother bought, or Rozita used the fact that "Courtney" is a girls name as well as a guys name and took advantage of that to buy the phone.

"B" Her voice doesn't match. I'm willing to believe that she could have called, I've speculated that before. It's unlikely. I do think she knows more than she says, but we don't know what that is. I have had conversations with Becky, albeit short and largely unprofitable ones. Becky had no material on her person regarding the calls, Rozita did. It's not Becky's brother, it's Rozita's brother's name on the phone bill. Rozita did the same thing before as well. She was spotted and arrested at the crime scenes speaking on at least one of those phones.

"C" Doesn't matter because of the above.

"D" I've spoken to Freddie Brinson.

"E" This point only lends itself to conspiracy with Rozita being involved.

I_hate_bigots said...

Let's remember when someone is caught - it's usually not their first crime but the first time being caught.

I think we all forget Rozita's foster mother was the supervisor at a call in abuse center.

My instincts tell me, and I have GREAT instincts, this is not the first time one of Rozita's (or her foster mother) calls were used as a basis for a search.

I would LOVE to do a little searching and determine if any -calls- were made that resulted in searching people/places when police could not otherwise obtain a warrant.

Here's a little theory. A group of social workers think they should be the judge and jury. So they get together and frame people for crimes. If someone is caught they use each other to write them an insanity defense.

The Pharisee said...

It's a valid thought. Some of the working hypotheses include her being a NARC or police informant

It's believed she might have been steered towards targets.

Her roommate, "Becky Lynn Hoerth," is believed by Ranger Philip Kemp to "know more" that she is letting on and Becky's sister works for.....

Wait for it.....

The Department of Homeland Security and seems to have lived at one time in San Angelo.

It may just be a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Or maybe not.

I_hate_bigots said...

Homeland security is a large agency.

What specific department?

The DesNews reported both Carolyn and the UT AG were in Texas a few weeks PRIOR to the raid.

Does anyone have information on what city and who they visited during the raid?

Jam Inn said...

Geeezz, Hugh why stop there Janet Napolitano is the Secretary of Homeland Security and was the Ex Governor and Ex Attorney General in Arizona. Janet has a Law & Order enforcement history with the Short Creekers. My goodness this must lead right into the White House.

Heah, I_Hate_Bigots who had the head count at the YFZ Ranch, Bishop Jessop first said there was a 100 residents and when he was giving permission he said there was 250 residents and the actual count was over 550 residents and you don't find any fault with those lies, just the 'hoax' caller. You gotta be joking, Right?

The Pharisee said...

Jam, I do NOT like dishonesty and to post at my blog, you're going to have to cease employing it.

What you are doing is deliberately misunderstanding my remark, which was heavily qualified. You should check into the humor contained in the "Six Degress of Kevin Bacon" reference.

If left uninvestigated, the "Becky Hoerth-(Unnamed Sister in Homeland Security Department)" is a significant ommission. Out of respect for Becky's sibling, I have not published her name.

Research indicates though that this unnamed sister, whose name I know, DID at one time in the 2000-???? time frame, lived in San Angelo.

This does not MEAN anything yet. It may mean absolutely NOTHING and I have been CLEAR about that. Rediculing this statement as some kind of wackiness is offensive and will not be tollerated here. Once again, I have offered it with heavy qualifications, I've known about if for months, and the only reason I mention it now, is that Texas Ranger Philip Kemp is said to have the same reservations about Becky Lynn Hoerth as I have expressed in the past. That Becky KNOWS something she's not telling.

Put together, a detective worth their salt, would simply not be worth their salt, if they did NOT investigate this connection.

The Hoerth Sibling has residence records in San Angelo in the current decade. There is no indication that she lived there contemporaneously with the FLDS or that she did not, or that she still maintains a residence there. In other words, there could be zero overlap.

Becky Lynn Hoerth is the above refenced person's SISTER.

Becky Lynn Hoerth was Rozita's Roommate and may have known Rozita for up to a decade prior to Rozita's arrest.


Failing to at least superficially walk through this connection is sheer stupidity for an investigator. That is all I am saying. Nothing whatsoever may come of it, because it may mean, NOTHING WHATSOEVER. But it could mean something and deserves investigation.

Jam Inn said...

Becky Hoerth was not Rozita's roommate and that goes to the misreporting and bungled police information. You say the investigation has been muffed but accept Becky as a roommate, then your just spreading misinformation. The facts or lack of facts tells the real story and circumstantial evidence just doesn't quite click as evidential enough to bring charges. Speculating the facts and proffering scenarios isn't factual and goes to honesty itself. I say, if you can't provide the facts spare the speculation of innuendos. Short of any proof or charges, Rozita doesn't deserve your statement calling for a suit to be brought or respect, at least, that she is entitled to her privacy and peace of mind just like you or I are entitled to them.

The Pharisee said...


How would YOU know? You're going to have to prove it to me why I should accept your word over my research.

You have to be one of three people to know the answer.

Becky, Rozita, or an extremely close friend. I'd need verification on all three to accept you as an authority over research already conducted.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong with good reason and good research. You're just contradicting me. I know what I know.

Jam Inn said...

How would I know? If the facts were gathered, especially after Rozita's arrest and interrogation and boxes of seized materials, seized cellphones and investigated phone records and lab forensics performed and still no charge(s) brought, speaks clearly enough to me. Truth seeking by any means, visiting Ranger's allowed unjustifiable access to suspect, arrestee's apartment and evidence is taken from Colorado to Texas? Your on notice that Rozita is represented by competent council and has proven by her silence that she values her privacy, so you should respect that fact. Especially, after having written such incendiary statements as,"The real story in fact is how a woman, so TOWERINGLY stupid as Rozita Swinton, perpetrated a hoax on Texas so that they went on her story alone into YFZ with guns drawn". Shame on you Hugh you've got no,'real story in fact' and you know it, certainly not one that can achieve success in a Court of Law.

The Pharisee said...

So, you got bubkis.