Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran's Voice Vote

You may have noticed that I have added a few blogs, in Farsi.
Can I read Farsi? I most certainly cannot. The sites have added have a large amount of photo of video content and are worth the visit because of what they highlight.

I have no love for Islam which is the predominant faith even of the protesters in Iran, which is why there is so much green in the protests. In sympathy for Iran, I have added green to my blog header for the time being. I have no faith that if the protesters overthrow the current regime, that it's successor will be a friend of this country or the West in general, I am not rooting for a "pro western" Iran.

What I do know is this. Iran invited elections. They made a compact with their people just as any democratically elected leadership does. They owe their people a fair accounting of those votes. The current regime has not done that. I invite you to do the research that reveals the duplicity practiced by Iran's rulers. They were not believed.

Iran is now conducting a Voice Vote, similar to a call for a voice vote in a legislative chamber. It would appear that with regard to the current government, it's being shouted down. The "nays" have it. We should back them. It's what we as Americans, are all about. Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Iran will never get there denying the will of the people.

This is why I have concentrated in the Iran issue this weekend. I've added a few blogs and sites with the hope that my slightly higher than average internet profile will help boost those sites to greater prominence in this time of uncertainty in Iran. When the AP reports as of this moment, that only one person is dead in the protests in Iran, and I have posted videos of two shooting deaths, the unfortunate "Neda" being one of them, getting the information out, is key in keeping the Iranian Revolution alive. Too many of the traditional big media outlets are compromised. As a citizen of this country I am much more content to deal with the popularly elected Government of Iran, whatever form that may take, than the fraud that now holds power there.

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