Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ultrabrown, on Iran - “140 characters are a novel when you’re being shot at.”

Tweeting the Revolution. The Iranian army has moved into Tehran. What does our impotent President have to say? Not much. But like UB says, a few characters (with courage) speak volumes.
"Alireza Sedaghat confirmed that there's no Google or Yahoo accessible in Iran. The women's rights lawyer Shiva Nazar-Ahari has been arrested and there's news floating of atrocities and shortage of blood and another peaceful pro-Mousavi meeting is being planned for Wednesday June 17. From bloody pictures to secondhand reports, it's all here on the internet. There are also tweets reporting that protesters are being taken to Evin, a high security prison. BBC painted its website green in support of the protesters in Iran and America's State Department requested Twitter to reschedule its downtime because of how important Twitter had suddenly become to protesters in Iran. Thousands of people have added a green tint to their profile pictures and gone to the Settings button and changed their details to show they are in Tehran ever since came out with its Cyberwar Guide for Beginners."
Remember Mumbai (Bombay)? UB did a great job keeping track of what was going on. Ultra Brown is closer geographically and philosophically to the problem in Iran.

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