Sunday, June 07, 2009

Walther Uses the Power of the Purse

How can you tell who's doing the Master's bidding? How they get paid. If you had any doubt that Natalie Malonis was doing exactly what she was told to do, and probably still is, read this.
From "Free the FLDS Children." Anything in parentheses are items I've substituted for Bill's rather blunt evaluations of certain persons in the story, and their character.
"According to Civil Employee’s in (Judge Walther's) Court who don’t like the way she is handing out pay slips to certain AAL’s and GAL’s, but not those who questioned her authority or rulings for the FLDS, we seem to have a very selective process going on in San Angelo.

While MOST vouchers submitted are nickel and dimed to death by the (Judge), those favored are showered with as much money as they ask for.

Natalie (Malonis) for example received her (payment) from (Barbara Walther) at the end of March, which contained every single dime she asked for; SIX FIGURES WORTH! Not a bad annual haul by the (lawyer) as her fellow counselor’s keep begging for travel reimbursement.

Since last MAY, 2008, Texas has frozen the publicly acknowledged cost of the attack on the Mormons in Eldorado. With (Judge Walther) handing out the State’s money like confetti to her selective friends, I wonder what Department the State is hiding the expenses since last May. If we believe Texas [And Santa Claus], the State hasn’t spent a dime since last year, a very commendable achievement wouldn’t you say Barbie?"
The only time I have trouble taking Bill Medvecky seriously is when he blurs his signals over whether he is posting hyperbolically or satirically and when he is posting angry. In the later case his information is spot on reliable, in the former cases, he is making fun. Bill is a terrific dose of fun. He's also burrowed in tight where he can pick up little tidbits and does a lot of great reporting as a result. Sometimes it's stuff he's on weeks in advance of the press. In some cases we will have to wait for someone's book years latter to confirm that Bill was right all along. I suspect strongly that the is totally right about this.

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