Monday, June 08, 2009

Update on David Carradine, Conspiracy Nuttiness begins.

Since Wikipedia continues to be dialed in on the whole business, I'll quote them.
"On Friday 5 June, the Carradine family lawyer Mark Geragos spoke on Larry King Live and dismissed claims of suicide, stating instead that David Carradine could have been murdered by a 'secret sect of kung fu assassins,' after it was revealed that Carradine had been attempting to uncover groups working in the martial-arts underworld."
It's always a gigantic headache to find or allege a conspiracy, because frankly, most of them are beyond nutty. Now we have a "Secret Sect of Kung Fu assassins." True or untrue (more likely the latter) this will never go away, particularly because it absolves the extreme fan of having to deal with the kinky sex life of their hero. In ways I'm sorry I got "roped" into this (cough). Now that attorney for the wacky (Mark Geragos) has elbowed his way in, things are really getting out of hand.

I mean no harm to the grieving family of David, but how long is it until you start making jokes about a situation, that had it not resulted in death, would have been a late night talk show topic for months? What if David had been found gagged and bound like that, but alive? It brings to mind all of mom's admonitions about clean underwear because you might get hurt, or die or be found unconscious with skid marks, or worse. Certainly the dead no longer care for their own reputations, but I'm pretty sure they would have preferred to leave their loved ones with less of a mess to clean up.

With that, I put to bed the whole business (I hope) unless something truly earth shattering turns up. His death circumstance looked weird to me when it broke. It quickly got very weird and now it's gone to "Twilight Zone" weird with the fog of rumor and PR wars taking over. The only reason I'm writing about it now is to follow up on a sort of nostalgia obit for an old man in Hollywood, that died, then turned out to have died weird.

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Coffee Maker said...

message from Uma Therman: Mission Accomplished.

The Pharisee said...

Just shy of 13 hours then..alright.

Roci said...

I would agree that suicide is not the right answer. Accidental is the more likely, but sleezier, explanation. Imagine that, there is something more embarassing than death by your own hand.